Monday e-Boost: How Boosted Is Your e-Quotient?

hello Monday

I like to start each month with a wake up reminder that time waits for no one but before I continue, here’s a merry Happy New Month greeting from me to you (I hope it’s still okay to say that since it’s our first ‘meet’ for the month, hehe) … Happy new month lovelies! And a very big welcome to all our new blog readers and subscribers!!! Please feel at home.For those who do not know yet, the Monday e-Boosts are specially designed to motivate/inspire us to be the best we can be, on all fronts, and consequently increase our e-quotient. (e-Boost stands for Excellence Boost while e-quotient stands for Excellence Quotient). However, for today’s e-Boost, we’ll be doing a recap of all e-Boosts done so far on the blog.

The first e-Boost ‘Wake Up In The Morning’, was a wake up call into the year 2016. Click here if you missed it. After that we talked about the critical importance of Understanding in all that we do and realized that Understanding Is primary and Key! This was followed by a sequel on how to gain understanding tagged ‘Ask The Right Question’. Other topics discussed so far include:

Managing Relationships: How Busy Are You Really?

Righteous But Barren: It’s Not About You

The Thin Line Between Pride And Self-Confidence

Define Your Association

Are You Ready To March?

Grace And Grace

Options And Choices

When Death Happens

Whoops! It’s February Already!

Sought After: What Is Your Market Value?

If you missed any of the above topics please don’t hesitate to click on the links, read and boost your e-quotient.

Till next Monday when we start a fresh discussion, I have just one question for you – what dreams have you started on this year? It may be a carry-over dream from previous years or a fresh dream for year 2016 – have you started on it? If no, please what are you waiting for? I wouldn’t want you to get to EOY (end of year) and feel the year went by so fast – cos it isn’t. Each day still has 24hours and we still have 7days/week (plus a bonus day) so we have 366 days in this year instead of 365 days.

PS: The ‘Frankly Speaking, Random Topics ‘ column has been MIA, but it will resume this Friday, please stay tuned *winks

Wishing y’all a Fruitful and super e-Boosted rest of week. Much love


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