The TWTW Meet


When I wrote about Defining Relationships here, I dedicated the piece to my friends from TWTW (The Women at The Well). Till date, I’m still amazed by the joint power of the internet and social media and their ability to connect and turn absolute strangers to good pals! On or before 14 November, 2015, the group TWTW didn’t exist. Looking back now, I’m grateful to God that I read and honored a simple blog invite to an adventurous hang out at Nike Arts Gallery Lekki. Let’s go a lil down memory lane

That Saturday morning (7 November, 2015) was like every other, I was doing my usual weekend chores when I received an email notification from, one of the blogs I’m subscribed to. Prior to that morning, I hadn’t read most updates from blogs I follow cos I was seriously pressed for time (I was undergoing a training that took up most of my work and leisure hours; needed to study to come out tops, and by God’s grace I did. Came out top of the class). That’s by the way though, lol. Back to my story, something about the update made it irresistible to leave it for later, so I paused my chores and read it. Frances was doing a 12-day adventure challenge and the November 14 challenge was for any interested single lady in Lagos to meet up with her at Nike-Art Gallery for a fun hang out. Saying I was excited at the invite is putting it mildly. I’ve always looked forward to meeting her (Frances) and I was in dire need of some Godly Christian hangout, so I saw the invite as an opportunity to use a stone to kill two birds, so I quickly sent a reply indicating my interest.

I would love to say the rest is history at this point, but there are two major things I’ll like to draw out before I end my story… 1. You know Mazi Ekwensu aka the devil, is very tricky and has foresight – he knows things | events| relationships, that will benefit you so he will seek out ways to distract, discourage and prevent you from having that important connect that will change your life for good. So after I indicated interest for the hangout, Mazi Ekwensu gave me so me many reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t attend the event:

  1. You need the weekend’s rest; you know how much you need this rest!
  2. You’re new to Lagos, Lekki is far from Surulere, If it were on the Mainland, ehen, you can consider going.
  3. (this one touched me special) You don’t have money to go. Just stay home and read about the gist on her blog. Btw, there will always be another meet.

Honestly, at that time, I had lil or no money… by the morning of the meet, I had less than 1k home and abroad and to make matters worse, I started purging! The decision to go or not to go was a serious battle, lol. Thank God the Holy Spirit in me won, I went! And the rest is history…. well, not yet.

Picture with Madam Nike, owner of Nike Art Gallery
Ruthie, Madam Nike and I

The meeting was for 2pm, when I got there around past 2pm, twas just Frances and Amakamedia that had arrived. Adahna joined us next and like that like that, we ended up as 9 ladies – Frances, AmakaMedia, Adahna, Temitope, Anita, IfyHalim, Ruthie, Queenie and Distinguished (moi). Apart from Frances, Ada and Queen who attended law school together, the rest of us were just meeting each other for the first time but you wouldn’t believe it by looking at us or seeing the pictures we took. Our conversations just flowed, like we were age-long friends hanging out and catching up on old times; there was no form of forming as is prone with ladies. The magnetizing force was a common desire to please God, drink and know more of Him and inspire others to do same. By the end of the event, we all went home happy and refreshed, looking forward to another meet. That is the history of TWTW, Distinguished version (you can read about the meet on Frances blog here).

This story wouldn’t end today if I go into all the great benefits I’ve gained from meeting this wonderful ladies.To mention just two – my Spiritual life and personal relationship with God has had an upward turn since the meet; two, they inspired and challenged me to start this blog.

After the November 14 meet, we created a whatsapp group where we have online bible study every Friday by 8pm; prayers on Saturday mornings; midnight prayers on Sunday nights as well as daily inspirational discussions whenever there’s a word to share. Videos, songs, links to help you grow on all fronts are shared on the group, the good news is the group is a growing one! It has since grown from 9 ladies to more ladies who desire to drink from the well. New ladies are absorbed into the group after each meet.

Talking about the meet, Frances, didn’t envisage the meet will become a regular occurrence, but just like most things with God, it’s one step at a time. Today, just between November last year and April this year, the TWTW meet now holds once every quarter! We had the first meet for the year on January 30 (you can read all about it here). And we will have the one for this quarter tomorrow, 9 April, 2016!!!!

I really hope you are as excited as I am! Here’s an open invitation to all single ladies in Lagos who desire to have a good time out with godly friends and have discussions that will set them up for what God has destined them for.

Join us tomorrow at “National theatre” by 12 noon prompt (National theatre is at Iganmu (or constaine for easy location), just after Covenant Christian Centre).

Here’s a lil excerpt of the invite from Frances:

We’ll be sightseeing the place (come let your hair down and just do a little tourism), and then more importantly be digging into the Word and prayers. All aimed at us leaving more refreshed with water from “The Well”.

As is usual with The women at the well (TWTW) meetings, we expect the Word to meet us at the point of our need and for the fellowship and love to bind us to strong cords in Christ.



I pray you will honor my invite (sorry for the short notice)… i look forward to seeing you at the TWTW meet tomorrow.

Much Love,



13 Replies to “The TWTW Meet”

  1. Great and great TWTW….I have read your most recent meet experience,from there I had a little grasp of what your hang out was like including the set out objectives being pursued ; am impressed.

    I must say that you ladies are not only inspirational but also a challenge to other ladies on how to have a godly association that is not only fun-filled, but more importantly making godly spiritual growth and benefits a paramount objectives.

    I may not know exactly what inspired the forming of this group,but it reminds me of the Samaritan Woman at the well-whom Jesus met at the well and ministered to (Jn.4) she eventually became a door that opened up the city for Jesus to reach the people with the gospel, as she ran to get others (the men) to hear from Jesus Christ.

    On account of her and what water from the well naturally represents in sustaining lives,the Holy Spirit which is the hallmark of the eternal life,was indirectly introduced by Jesus Christ there,calling her “the living water ” NKJ V…Jesus offered her the fountain of living water that will eternally springs forth water,that when taken by anyone will not thirst again”.The woman at the well responded “give me this water”

    The Women of The Well (TWTW), from the aforesaid thoughts and from the little I understood do far, if my perspective is correct,will represents such life- enhancing fruitful vine group that will not only connect others (especially ladies) in order to enhance godly quality wellbeing,but also challenge them to spiritual growth and health,thereby replacing clubbing and other ungodly associations of leisure that women are often led to or attracted to,with a fountain of life,springing forth Christ like life into others which they will carry into their homes and families , as mothers,wives,sisters,aunties, etc.

    I guess this river is still growing,when it filled its bank, it will certainly path into other places,if it is not a temporary formation.

    I always love a little beginning/ project that is growing, because of its unforseen potentials/ capacity that often surpasses the imagination of those who even began it so long as God is in it.

    Chi…you all should remain blessed and reach for the sky.

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  2. When you introduced Mazi Ekwensu, aka the devil in your recent piece of TWTW ,as the one that was posing obstacles in your thought,so as not to have you attend the meeting, I did not quite get it first,until I saw his coward aka….I laughed; and said this lady is something else…

    I was like “what does she mean …who was that, her landlord,enemies of progress? …then it quickly dawned on me….OK that familiar spirit we must all face in almost every breakthrough we get; he always look for a way to make sure all things are never equal for us, in order to prevent us from taking that step, and also make us continue to linger,until the faith to take that bold step and overcome is littered (emptied) from us; though sometimes God is behind it in order to have us work by faith for Him to take the glory; but the beauty is that such situations where God is behind often produce a greater results than we envisaged.


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