Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities (2)

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Last two weeks, we started discussions on the Opportunity Series – How to position, recognize and maximize opportunities. We took a brief break from the series last week to attend the Webinar on “Journey of Self Discovery”. More on that at the end of today’s post… For now, let’s dig into the second part of our discourse on the Opportunity Series.

I shared with you three (3) key ways to position attractively for opportunities. Today, I’ll be sharing with you three more tips. Continue reading “Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities (2)”


Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities

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I promised that this quarter, I will be sharing with you my ama-amazing blog fam, tips on how to position, recognize and maximize opportunities even if they are camouflaged as something else. Today, we’ll get started on that.

First, let’s take a look at some definition of the word OPPORTUNITY:

  • A situation or condition favourable for attainment of a goal.
  • A good position, chance, or prospect, for advancement or success.

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Monday e-Boost: Face Your Fears


Face your Fears
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Fear is one emotion I believe most, if not all humans, experience at one point or another. According to Dictionary.com, Fear – is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

From this definition, we can see that what we are afraid of most times could as well be a mirage. Continue reading “Monday e-Boost: Face Your Fears”

5 Important Things To Do In This Season

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December is not just the 12 month or the last month in the year, it also triples as a month of celebrations and festivities because of Christmas (the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ). During these festivities that take place at year end, lots of people get carried away with the desire/impulse to impress folks or prove to peers that they have made much money during the year so they spend/squander their hard earned year’s income/savings in a couple of weeks or even days. They forget that after Christmas and Year End comes another New Year which implies new bills to be paid in several areas – house rent, shop rent, school fees, water bill, light bill, etc. Continue reading “5 Important Things To Do In This Season”

Define Your Busy (2)

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“If you don’t rightly define your busy, you’ll be unable to successfully show up for life when it requires you to do so.” – ©ChinyereDistinguished.

We started this interesting discussion on “Define Your Busy” last e-Boost. (Please read about it HERE so we can flow better, thankyu 🙂😊 ).

Everyone or at least most people are busy with one thing or more. And those who aren’t, still think it supercool to be among the ‘busy class’ who say “I’m so Busy and swamped with lots of engagements”. Trust me, I’ve said those same words more times than I can remember… But truth is, not all ‘Busy’ is worth your time. I particularly love how Mobolaji succinctly put it in her apt comment. She said: Continue reading “Define Your Busy (2)”

Define Your Busy

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We may be swamped and pressed on all sides by several tasks and engagements, but truth is, we always make room, create time for what is or rather, what we consider more important. – ©ChinyereDistinguished.

Good morning lovelies, what’s gwan?
I know, I know… it’s been a while I showed up here, but I’ve been showing up on my social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter mostly Continue reading “Define Your Busy”