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Welcome to DistinguishedLives blog where together, we learn to adopt, cultivate and exhibit a lifestyle of Excellence, till it becomes our norm and default mode.

Mediocrity is easy and ‘natural’ but it neither stands you out nor takes you to your desired zenith. So trumping mediocrity on all fronts is what every article and column here on the blog aims to achieve.

We achieve this through the following segments on the blog:

a. The CEO Memoirs – This is the Entrepreneurs Hub on the blog!

It is a career|business driven column where we have CEOs and other top Executives of different establishments share their success secrets, challenges, mistakes and pitfalls to avoid as we climb the ladder to a successful career|business. These business moguls teach us how to be on top of our game as employers|employees; how they have grown their businesses and how you too can start (if you don’t have one already) or grow your existing businesses.

b. Monday E-Boost – Practical life living tips that inspire and get you boosted to stand Excellently on on all fronts.
c. Unheard Story Series – Grass to Grace Stories that will PUSH you to get over your past and whatever limiting immediate circumstances, to reach and BECOME the YOU you are created to be, one step at a time.
d. SFF Series (Single, Fruitful and Fulfilled Series) – Deals with the myths and misconception that a Single can not be Fruitful and Fulfilled. Worse is, a lot of singles lend credibility to that opinion. For some, the Single phase is a bad omen and a season they can’t wait to get out of…
The SFF Series got 10 Singles of diverse tribes and walks of life to answer some frequently asked SFF questions which revolves around the feasibility pf a Single to be fruitful and fulfilled.
The SFF Series is prelude to my upcoming book – “SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED – How To Live A Whole And Productive Life Before I Do”
e. MFS Series (Married, Fruitful and Satisfied Series) – Something sizzling coming up in the second half of the year for our married readers. Watch this space.

I by no means claim to be perfect and have arrived, I mean the journey to Excellence as a Lifestyle is a consistent and continuous walk. My experiences, lessons and pitfalls to avoid is what I share with you in this space.

A good place to start with me on this journey is by evaluating your current MARKET VALUE.

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Welcome once more to my corner in the blogosphere. It’s such a pleasure to have you here 😍 😘😍 😘😍 😘

Don’t let no one convince you otherwise anymore, living a Distinguished life is possible. And it is achieved through the password called EXCELLENCE.

Excellence Is A Lifestyle

PS: Love is sharing. If you find this blog helpful in any way, please help spread the word to others in you world. You are just a click away from changing someone’s live for good.





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