Grace And Grace


Grace is a very common, if not slightly ‘overused’ word, especially in this part of the earth. Hardly will any day pass without you hearing the word or even saying it yourself. A typical conversation goes like this:

“Good morning”

“Good morning”

“How was your night?”

“Fine, we thank God. How was yours?”

“Fine too. Will you go to office|school|market|church today?”

“Yes by God’s Grace

Hehe, that’s the word right there! I use it often too, most times unconsciously. And if you’re wondering why I’m talking about Grace this morning, it is because a face has been ‘officially’ attached to the dictionary meaning of the word. So now, right beside the word Grace, you will see the face of Olajumoke Orisaguna.

Except you’ve been living under a rock with no internet access in the past few weeks, you must have heard about Olajumoke Orisaguna, the bread seller turned model. If you really haven’t heard a thing about her, just type ‘Olajumoke’ with or without the surname in google search and it will return about 1,030,000 results to you in 0.34 seconds.  Yeah, she’s that popular and trending right now.

Her story, discovered by photographer and singer TY Bello (you can watch her interview on YouTube here), is a very inspiring one and naturally has spiked interest in many quarters. Her story has attracted the attention of high and far reaching media houses including and the A lot of local and international organisations now bid to associate with her. Ask about a classical grass to Grace story and I’ll tell you about Olajumoke Orisaguna.

So today’s topic is Grace and Grace, and that’s because I am talking about two definitions of the word:

  1. Grace – Elegant movement, poise or balance.
  2. Grace – Free and undeserved favour, especially of God. Unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration; To dignify or raise by an act of favour; to honour.

The first definition of Grace refers to one’s carriage – a manner of walking and moving in general; how one carries oneself, bearing, gait. Honestly, the first time I saw the photo shoot of the British rap artist ,Tinie Tempah (ironically, I didn’t know his name before I needed to write this), that Olajumoke, the bread seller, photo-bombed, I thought it was a pre-planned concept! She appeared so poised for the pix with her regal step and elegant gait (and in my head, I assumed the rap-artist  was told to be looking at Jumoke’s bread as part of the concept). Little wonder TY Bello had to search for her when she saw the photos, Jumoke got Grace!

The second definition of Grace refers to unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration; to change their story and turn their lives around. This is the kind of Grace that has found graceful Jumoke through TY Bello. Jumoke is not literate yet; by human qualifications and standards, she does not merit the favours showered on her; she did not have connections in high places… but Grace found her and today, she shakes hands with people I only get to see in the media. Her story is the testimony of what Grace can do. Grace finds you and re-writes your story. Grace makes you a reference point for good.

Ever since Jumoke Orisaguna’s story went viral, a large number of Nigerians look forward to such a day when luck will shine on them. But  before you join the wishful thinkers, here are some key things I’ll like you to know about Grace:

  1. Grace, in terms of poise and carriage (1st definition) is something you have to consciously develop in yourself. It increases your market value.
  2. Divine Grace, in terms of unmerited favour (2nd definition) is available to all. God gives His unmerited favour to all His children at one time or the other. Yours may not be as pronounced as Jumoke’s trending story but truth is, we are all living solely by God’s Grace.
  3. Grace, unmerited favour to dignify or raise by an act of favour does not ‘land’ on laziness or idle hands. You must be doing something, no matter how little. Jumoke wouldn’t have photo-bombed any shoot if she was sitting at home, folding her hands and waiting for manna to fall from above.
  4. You don’t have to go looking for Grace, Grace will find you. God is Faithful, the grace you desire, He will give you. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find – Matt.7:7
  5. Beyond being a receiver of Grace, there is a higher and better level of being a giver, an instrument through which God can show His unmerited favour. No matter how popular or trending Olajumoke is now, her grace does not surpass or outshine that of TY Bello.
TY Bello

Which do you want to be – a giver or a receiver? You can be both, for we all need God’s divine grace but it is more blessed to give than to receive – Acts 20:35. You don’t have to be a millionaire before God can use you to change someone’s story. One of the secrets to obtaining God’s unmerited favour is to be the answer to someone else’s prayers – what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.

And that’s the summary of “Grace And Grace” on today’s Monday e-Boost, I hope you have been inspired? Please don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment box.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Wishing y’all a GraceFull week as we work towards being instruments of Grace to those around us.


ff: Facebook – ChinyereDistinguished Anoke

Twitter – @Anoke_DC

Photo Credit: TY Bello

14 Replies to “Grace And Grace”

  1. I find something excitingly in excess in your piece- was it because you named it “Grace And Grace”or was it because you wrote it with your heart (in it) as someone experiencing same grace,or was it because of the incredible works grace do to distinguish people, even like Jumoke…?

    I think its a combined collection of all these that made your piece exciting and something full of much inspiration for me….and immense thanks to you dear; keep on flying.

    I could not agree more with you on this one Chi – grace finds us;while we prepare ourselves towards the first phase-as described by the first definition.

    Indeed,we never merited this Grace that finds us and the only requirements from then onwards is to make it happen for someone others,knowing that Jesus actually paid the price – it found Noah being the first ( recorded ) who Grace found in the scripture, and the whole world was destroyed except him and his family for reason of same grace Gen. 6:8 ; it found Esther and made her a Queen, out of an ophan Esth.2:17

    And now same Grace has appeared to everyone teaching us to deny ungodliness and live righteously… Titus 2:11; without grace actually there will be no favour …and is available for everyone to make us Distinguishable….I feel like adding your name to mine,you know that is like constantly anchoring grace and keeping it closer home….LoI

    Someone could not be wrong to say-GRACE – God’s Riches At Christ Expense….No you and I cannot say it too much as we need it everyday to keep us afloat and distinguishes us ; I think the issue is that we don’t say it enough by always consciously connecting it with our heart when we say it, so that it does not just become a mere word,especially when it is needed as power also lies in our tongue/ words.


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