#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Download The First Two Chapters For FREE

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Good morning my ama-mazing BlogFam!

I’m super happy and excited this morning because it’s a beautiful Monday and I get to stay longer in bed instead of rushing off to work 😍 😍 😍 . Thank God for public holidays; they are so welcome on days like this when I spent more than half the night typing on my system. Continue reading “#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Download The First Two Chapters For FREE”


Monday e-Boost: By Strength Shall No Man Prevail


I woke up this morning but getting up was a struggle. Real struggle. Before I went to bed last night, I had an itinerary of things I planned to do today:

– Write content for my online Community.

– Write content for blog. Continue reading “Monday e-Boost: By Strength Shall No Man Prevail”

Happy New Year!!!!

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Exactly 3 years ago – 3rd January, 2016, I created this distinguishedlives blog; I didn’t post any content until the following day (4th January) though. I still remember how excited I was to finally start my own blog. I knew my why and understood what I was doing. However, somehow, as the years went by, my interest in blogging waned. I still wrote/write as I share content on social media, especially Facebook, almost every day, Continue reading “Happy New Year!!!!”

What The Hoax About Pre-marital Sex?


One of the things I avoid discussing is the issue of PRE-MARITAL SEX.

Not because I don’t have an opinion on it, or know the bible’s stand on the topic. I just choose not to talk about it because, I feel everyone should use their discretion and do what is right.
Or otherwise.

The choice is theirs. Not mine.
And certainly not my business.

Then I got the nudge to write on this topic on Friday/Saturday (18/19 May) but I pushed it aside Continue reading “What The Hoax About Pre-marital Sex?”

Reminiscing My Silver Jubilee…


My immediate younger sis, Mmesoma, turned 25 years old yesterday and it took me down memory lane to my own Silver Jubilee.

At 25, I was already a graduate, done with NYSC, engaged and so ready to get married. Or so I thought.

I had a lot of dreams I’d thought would materialize on or before my 25th birthday but so many of them were still pending on the D-Day. I summarized all of these dreams and aspirations in a post I shared on my Facebook timeline to mark my 25th birthday. Here’s some excerpts of it:

Continue reading “Reminiscing My Silver Jubilee…”

#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Win A Free Copy


Good morning my ama-mazing BlogFam! How’re you doing lovelies?

I’m so excited to announce to you that our book (yes oo, it is our collective effort; without your prayers and support, I wouldn’t have achieved this great feat). So back to what I was saying… our book “SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED – Living a whole and productive life before “I Do”” will be launching next week Tuesday, 1st August 2017 #Drumrolls. Starting with the e-Book. Continue reading “#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Win A Free Copy”