SFF – The Book: We Are LIVE!!!

We are LIVE!

You move mountains. You cause walls to fall

With your power. You perform miracles

There is nothing that’s impossible

And I’m standing here. Only because you made a way

Don’t know how but you did it [x4]

Don’t know why but I’m grateful [x4]

Don’t know how but I’m grateful

And I’m standing here. Only because you made Continue reading “SFF – The Book: We Are LIVE!!!”


#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Win A Free Copy


Good morning my ama-mazing BlogFam! How’re you doing lovelies?

I’m so excited to announce to you that our book (yes oo, it is our collective effort; without your prayers and support, I wouldn’t have achieved this great feat). So back to what I was saying… our book “SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED – Living a whole and productive life before “I Do”” will be launching next week Tuesday, 1st August 2017 #Drumrolls. Starting with the e-Book. Continue reading “#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Win A Free Copy”

#SFF – THE BOOK: You Can Now Download The First Two Chapters

ChinyereDistinguished Anoke

Good morning my ama-mazing BlogFam!

I’m super happy and excited this morning because it’s a beautiful Monday and I get to stay longer in bed instead of rushing off to work 😍 😍 😍 . Thank God for public holidays; they are so welcome on days like this when I spent more than half the night typing on my system. Continue reading “#SFF – THE BOOK: You Can Now Download The First Two Chapters”

#SFF – THE BOOK: Scoop And Updates

Single, Fruitful, Fulfilled - Living A Whole And Fulfilled Life Before I Do by ChinyereDistinguished Anoke
Book Cover Design: Raymond Emamezi Okoro

Good morning my ama-mazing blogFam!

How’re you doing darlings?

So sorry I disappeared on you for some time now; it’s all for a good cause. Been seriously working on my soon-to-be-released book, “SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED – Living A Whole And Productive Life Before “I Do”. Remember when I told you about it in March? To the Glory of God and thanks to your prayers, it’s becoming a reality. Here’s what we got. Continue reading “#SFF – THE BOOK: Scoop And Updates”

Lessons From #FreeConferenceAbuja


Abuja city caught a good kind of inferno yesterday, courtesy of #FreeConferenceAbuja organized by Sir Jimi and ma’am Lola Tewe.

What went down yesterday at the NAF Conference Centre, Abuja, cannot be fully captured in pictures, words or even video; it’s better experienced than told. But again, thanks to the internet and social media, it is better to have snippets of what went down than to be totally left in the dark. So yeah, camera and lessons penned down in any medium can still impact the mind of the reader or viewer. Continue reading “Lessons From #FreeConferenceAbuja”

Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities (2)

Opportunities - shutterstock.
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Last two weeks, we started discussions on the Opportunity Series – How to position, recognize and maximize opportunities. We took a brief break from the series last week to attend the Webinar on “Journey of Self Discovery”. More on that at the end of today’s post… For now, let’s dig into the second part of our discourse on the Opportunity Series.

I shared with you three (3) key ways to position attractively for opportunities. Today, I’ll be sharing with you three more tips. Continue reading “Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities (2)”