#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Download The First Two Chapters For FREE

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Good morning my ama-mazing BlogFam!

I’m super happy and excited this morning because it’s a beautiful Monday and I get to stay longer in bed instead of rushing off to work 😍 😍 😍 . Thank God for public holidays; they are so welcome on days like this when I spent more than half the night typing on my system. Continue reading “#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Download The First Two Chapters For FREE”

Happy New Month + Some Things I Wish I Understood Before I Turned 25


It’s a beautiful new month, the first day of August 2019.

Exactly this date two years ago – August 1, 2017, I launched my first book, “SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED”. How the years go by so swiftly!

I’ll be making an exciting announcement at the end of this post to commemorate the second year anniversary of the SFF book. But first, let me share 5 things I wish I understood before I turned 25.
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Goals, Dreams And Actualization

I know that I was AWOL on here for so looooong… My sincere apologies, Fam. I don’t want to sound like a broken record by making any more promises on how frequent I’ll be on here. I’ve resolved to take it one day at a time, and carry you all along as much a s I can.

If you and I are already connected on social media (Facebook and Instagram in particular), you’d observe that I’m active on there. And I’ve been up to a lot of things. One of the things that I’ve been up to is writing and publishing my first memoir, “TURNING 28: My journey to TRUE Singlehood”. Continue reading “Goals, Dreams And Actualization”

Happy New Year!!!!

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Exactly 3 years ago – 3rd January, 2016, I created this distinguishedlives blog; I didn’t post any content until the following day (4th January) though. I still remember how excited I was to finally start my own blog. I knew my why and understood what I was doing. However, somehow, as the years went by, my interest in blogging waned. I still wrote/write as I share content on social media, especially Facebook, almost every day, Continue reading “Happy New Year!!!!”

What The Hoax About Pre-marital Sex?


One of the things I avoid discussing is the issue of PRE-MARITAL SEX.

Not because I don’t have an opinion on it, or know the bible’s stand on the topic. I just choose not to talk about it because, I feel everyone should use their discretion and do what is right.
Or otherwise.

The choice is theirs. Not mine.
And certainly not my business.

Then I got the nudge to write on this topic on Friday/Saturday (18/19 May) but I pushed it aside Continue reading “What The Hoax About Pre-marital Sex?”

Reminiscing My Silver Jubilee…


My immediate younger sis, Mmesoma, turned 25 years old yesterday and it took me down memory lane to my own Silver Jubilee.

At 25, I was already a graduate, done with NYSC, engaged and so ready to get married. Or so I thought.

I had a lot of dreams I’d thought would materialize on or before my 25th birthday but so many of them were still pending on the D-Day. I summarized all of these dreams and aspirations in a post I shared on my Facebook timeline to mark my 25th birthday. Here’s some excerpts of it:

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#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Win A Free Copy


Good morning my ama-mazing BlogFam! How’re you doing lovelies?

I’m so excited to announce to you that our book (yes oo, it is our collective effort; without your prayers and support, I wouldn’t have achieved this great feat). So back to what I was saying… our book “SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED – Living a whole and productive life before “I Do”” will be launching next week Tuesday, 1st August 2017 #Drumrolls. Starting with the e-Book. Continue reading “#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Win A Free Copy”