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Good morning Beautiful people, how was your weekend? So happy to have you here on our Monday e-Boost date #widegrin. Before I go on to today’s Boost, I’ll like to give some blognews, please sit tight, hehe.

As expected, a lot of people have asked me what distinguishedlives is really about and what my main focus is. Lemme, try to answer that. Distinguishedlives has 3 core focus –

a. Motivating and challenging you to maximise your skills|talents|potentials and thereby increasingly live out an excellent life on all fronts until it becomes a norm and default mode. This focus is driven by the weekly Monday posts tagged ‘Monday e-Boost’. FYI, the ‘e’ in the Boost stands for EXCELLENCE not the conventional e for electronic. So it’s Monday ExcellenceBoost not electronicBoost.

b. A career|business driven column where we will have CEOs of companies teach us the secrets to a successful career|business. They’ll also tell us how to be on top of our game as employers|employees; how they have grown their businesses and how you too can start (if you don’t have one already) or grow your existing businesses. This focus will be driven by the ‘CEO Memoirs’ (talked about it in my first post here). The column will be launched in March and will come up fortnightly on Wednesdays afterwards.

c. Last but not the least is a ‘Frankly Speaking, Random Topics’ column. This is a miscellaneous column where we will talk about various topics ranging from family to health to movies to music to academics to food to anything you’d like us to talk about. Column will be launched in February and will come up fortnightly on Friday evenings. Hope you’re as excited as I am, hehe. So please help me spread the news of to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances and everyone you can reach – social media or otherwise. Thank you #hugs

Now unto today’s gist…

After last week’s post on ‘Understanding Is Key‘, someone asked me a very interesting question. He said, “Nice work! But I felt u could probably have given more points on how to get understanding. For example I have a task at hand which I need to understand, Will I just seek God’s face and study God’s word?”, and that got me thinking. It is not enough to say that understanding is key without going further to explain how to get that key. That brings about today’s topic – Ask The Right Question.

1. To gain|get understanding, you need to ask the right questions. Pro.3:5, one of the scriptures I quoted last week says “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and LEAN NOT on thine own understanding” (KJV).
One of the biggest mistakes people make is to lean on their limited understanding of things|issues|assignments to get it done. Without asking the right question(s), it is almost impossible to get understanding.

An Igbo adage says “onye ajuju anaghi efu uzo” meaning “he that asks questions does not miss his way” and it’s true. But emphasis is on asking the RIGHT question! You will get MISunderstanding when you ask the wrong questions. There is no better way to gain understanding than to ask the right question.

2. Ask the right people – It is not enough to ask the right questions if you’re not asking the right person|people. It will be unwise to ask an engineer the right medicine to take for your illness or to ask an architect the best way to invest your money. To gain understanding, you need to tender your right question(s) to the right person. The place of God in this issue can not be over emphasised for God is God of ALL understanding (Daniel 1:17). Joseph, Daniel, David and other great men in the bible including our saviour Jesus, received understanding and insights to issues of life by inquiring of God. After God, there is nothing new under the sun, hence, you’ll always have people in that area you need understanding who you can ask your questions. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to have personal connect|access with the right people before you can ask your questions, just make google and other search engines your friend and you’ll access the right information at your fingertips. That’s where asking the right question comes in again, if you don’t phrase your questions right, google will not give you the right feedback. Asking the right people is as important as asking the right question.

3. Be Observant – There are times you will not have the luxury of asking google or someone else to gain understanding. At such points. you need to use your senses at their peak because your instincts and God are all you have left. When you observe or pay close attention to a thing, you will realise that it is not as complex as you initially thought. Close observation de-mystifies things|issues – Be observant! Watch how other people are doing it and learn from them. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it helps your understanding of how not to do it.

4. Right Association – Sometimes what you need to gain understanding is simply associating yourself with the right people. A fool that habitually dwells in the company of the wise will gain understanding just by association, the reverse is also true. “The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead” – Proverbs 21:16, KJV

5. Desire – You can not gain understanding if you do not desire understanding. You can follow all the steps above and still not get understanding simply because you do not desire it. Desire for understanding is fundamental.

That’s it from me this Monday morning,

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Thank you for reading to the end (I know today’s post is lengthy). Wishing you the very best of the new week.

I love you all

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28 Replies to “Ask The Right Question”

  1. And that is how my comment wiped sha..
    Anyway…another way I read books to increase understanding. It’s just one of the ways.

    Asking the right questions def helps. But sometimes, one may not even know the right questions o, especially in Academic setting. Lol.

    Nice one dear.


    1. Awww, sorry B. Yeah, reading books to increase understanding is one of the ways. “one may not even know the right questions o, especially in Academic setting”, my dear, that’s why we need the God of ALL understanding to give us insight.

      Another way to gain understanding is to read instructions carefully… Thanks for being here B. I appreciate you hun.


  2. Your post is remarkable and equally educative; indeed your perspective of asking the right questions from the right persons are unavoidable essentials to getting understanding .I like the adage too; keep it up.

    I also think that Compassion,Waiting,and also Desire which you mentioned have things in common to getting understanding.

    Jesus asked Peter “are you still without understanding”… that was because Peter asked the right question (Matt.15:15-16), then Jesus went on to make them understand the parable again;there is no doubt Jesus operated with the spirit of Compassion towards the people (Matt. 15:32) often coming down to explain things in a simpler terms to those who really needed it;incidentally this is also one of the missing qualities in many of our leaders today.

    Secondly, When one has a Desire to get the understanding required to address a matter, he makes the needful sacrifice (s) and this includes waiting /or patience
    ;one example is the woman of Canaan whose daughter was demon-possessed (Matt. 15:22-28).In spite of Jesus’s initial discouraging response which was a test of faith,she waited and pressed on until she got her desire.

    I also think getting understanding also doubles as a process of actually addressing one’s problem.



  3. Shalom Chi,

    I just read this post and I’m in full agreement- reminds one of the notion of seek and ye shall find. Of course that immediately reminds one of the notion of comprehension.

    My experience tells me that the greatest bane to understanding is an absence of reason/knowledge. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Illiterate persons do not use the internet much. So, when a conversation is going on in cyberspace, the discussants are, in the main, ‘the educated elite’- graduates or undergraduates. Yet, one finds that a lot of conversations ring hollow- all sound and negligible substance- In fact one finds an abundance of material for the illustration of logical fallacies from a short excursion into cyberspace conversations. What this tells me is that our formal education system fails to encourage objective thought and gives a very inferior general education. Also WE fail to realise that one’s education is principally one’s duty- we fail to read.

    When one grows up in an environment and does not have a large stock of facts and ideas to feed one’s mind on, the mind makes do with what is available- because the subconscious mind is perpetually at work- prejudices and emotions of the environment.

    Now, when one has a shallow knowledge base, it means one has a distorted perception of reality. It means that one’s capacity to process data and add to knowledge is impaired. It means that one is ill equipped to correctly deconstruct bodies of fact and phenomena. It means that even when one asks aright and receives the right answers, one miscomprehends.



    1. Thank you Uncle, I really wish you’ll join more social platforms to increase the ratio of Smart people to smartphones we currently have on the social platforms. Indeed, even when one asks aright and receives the right answers, the tendency to misunderstand is still there if there’s a distorted perception of reality or shallow knowledge.

      God help us all


    1. Thanks Obilor. Yes, there is a right time to ask the right question to the right person… except your’re asking google. While growing up, it was a taboo to ask my dad for money when he is eating. To get the best response, we meet him when he is resting after a good meal, at night before he goes to bed or early in the morning after his night’s sleep.

      Same applies to the right person/people you want to ask you question(s), you need observe, to know the best time to approach them so they’ll give you the right feedback in the right frame of mind.
      I hope that helps.


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