CEO Memoirs: What Are You Really Selling?

CEO Memoirs with Zubi O'Peters

To be in business, you must be selling a product or service in exchange for monetary value. That is the definition of business paraphrased.

Overtime, you may have heard, or even said so yourself that “business is not moving”. So many factors could lead to such poor return on business investments – poor communication, no competitive edge over other market share-holders, poor positioning, poor packaging, etc. Continue reading “CEO Memoirs: What Are You Really Selling?”


CEO Memoir: Awakening The Entrepreneur In You


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I personally do not think everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, but then they say “Never say never”. When it comes to entrepreneurship, I think it is only fair to give everyone an equal playground and opportunity to awaken the giant/dwarf entrepreneur within them. Continue reading “CEO Memoir: Awakening The Entrepreneur In You”

Skill Training: A Panacea To Economic Recession – Joshua Otalu

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Recession is a time to train and not a time to lay-off staff – Joshua Oche Otalu.

Based on the current economic situation in the country, a lot of companies have laid off a good number of their staff and are threatening to lay off more if things don’t improve soon enough…

Retrenching or laying off staff seems to be the logical thing to do if companies can’t keep up with the required cost of maintaining them. Continue reading “Skill Training: A Panacea To Economic Recession – Joshua Otalu”

CEO Memoirs: From Freemium To Premium… Making The Most Of Your Blog Platform

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

“Charge your worth and don’t apologize for it. No matter how high or low, people will complain so…” – Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

Selling a good or service you have hitherto offered for free is one of the most difficult decisions new entrepreneurs are faced with when they choose to transit from freemium (free good/service offering) to premium (paid good/service offering). Like I promised in the debut of the CEO Memoirs column, we’ll have real time CEOs and career persons address real time entrepreneurial, career and business FAQs, Continue reading “CEO Memoirs: From Freemium To Premium… Making The Most Of Your Blog Platform”

CEO Memoir: Brand Integrity

Strive Masiyiwa
Dr. Strive Masiyiwa

Every day of your life you will have your integrity tested. Much of the time it is very small things that are almost unnoticeable, but at others, it will require every ounce of your integrity and courage. – Strive Masiyiwa

In today’s world of ‘get rich quick or die trying’, it is rare to find people or organizations with integrity, even among the very religious. Continue reading “CEO Memoir: Brand Integrity”

CEO Memoir: Sleep Is for The Weak


“Most times, when I remember the works waiting for me, sleep becomes a sin.“

– ChiviaXclusive

When you interact with any ‘serious’ minded individual – be it a student, teacher, trader, artisan, career/business person, politician or clergy, who wants to get ahead of his colleagues, contemporaries or competitors, you’ll find that such a person rarely spends his/her entire night sleeping. They either go to bed late (sometimes as late as 2,3am) and still wake up early the next morning. Or they sleep early (say around 9,10pm), program their sleep to last a few hours, Continue reading “CEO Memoir: Sleep Is for The Weak”