Wake Up In The Morning

Four days ago, every living being was gifted with a beautiful new year – year 2 0 1 6! And like is the attitude of some people to keep beautiful packages wrapped up to be unwrapped much later, some have shelved 2016 to be opened up later. Unfortunately, the year isn’t your regular gift pack, it is time bound. Whether you open it or not, the days keep decreasing. We have 3 days gone already out of the 366 days bundle and today is the 4th already… and before you know it, January is gone. So wake up in the morning, wake up early!

An Igbo proverb says when a person wakes up is his/her morning. Reason being that you can’t get anything done while you’re still sleeping hence your day can only start AFTER you wake up. So in this new year, please don’t be among those who’ll leave the new year tied up in it’s gift wrappers – Open it up. Begin to implement those beautiful thoughts and plans you have for 2016. The best time to start is now. Before you know it, twill be another Monday. Start today, start early.

Now is the morning of the new year, wake up! Wishing you a Happy and A Prosperous 2016!

PS: My blog, Distinguishedlives.wordpress.com (will hopefully have my own domain before the end of the year) is centred on living life excellently on all fronts – personal, career, relationship, etc, especially as a Christian. Yeah, Christ is the bedrock of anything and everything I’ll be sharing on this blog and no, I’m not going to sound religious.

This is my first time blogging and I intend to stay here a looooong time and I hope to have you as my e-family soon. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome.

I have a lot of inspiring blogs I follow, christian and otherwise and I commit to enrich your mind and spirit with the things I’ll put down here. For now, this month January till probably February, the posts will come in weekly, every Monday. Subsequently, it will include a Wednesday post fortnightly known as the ‘CEO Memoirs’. More columns will come up as time unfolds.

Thank you for reading today’s post, I do hope you stay with us.
Till next week, wishing you a Fruitful and Fulfilled week/year.


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28 Replies to “Wake Up In The Morning”

  1. Yay! First to comment on Dee’s blog. Happy new year! I am blessed already. My blogosphere just got more exciting. Thank you so much for this article. I’m awake. And not just being awake, I’m taking each step with God.

    Welcome dear. Catch me Heart Rays on too. 🙂


  2. Yes, Royalties are always live distinguished lives. Congrats on your new blog sweetie. You write so well. May grace speak for you. May this blog grow from one level of grace to another and bless lives.


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