Managing Relationships: How Busy Are You Really?

I'm busy

Happy Easter people! Hope you’re enjoying the season as much as I am? When Christ said “come unto me and I will give you rest” I suspect He had the Easter weekend as part of the package… lol. I’m eternally grateful to God for His huge sacrifice – the death and resurrection of Christ for the salvation and redemption of mankind. We had an awesome Easter celebration time on the blog yesterday, click here if you missed it.

Still in the Easter spirit, I had a Good Friday Interview with B of We talked about writing, the internet and ofcourse relationship. Read to get d full gist of all we talked about at

Finally, before we move on to today’s topic, the 3rd episode of the CEO Memoirs will come up on Wednesday, 30th March and our guest is the CEO of IRMP… I’ll leave it at that for now, just subscribe to the blog and save the date so you won’t be missing in action, hehe.

Now unto today’s e-Boost – How Busy Are You Really?

This question has been ringing in my head over the past week. The word busy is one I am prone to use. One way or the other you’ll likely hear me say – I’ve been busy; I am busy at the moment or I may not be available for the event, I will be busy. Hearing or saying the word busy is as common as hearing or saying “good morning”, you don’t have to think hard before using it. Hardly a day passes without you hearing or using it yourself.

Being busy entails a lot of activities including eating and sleeping (after all those activities should be part of a balanced work schedule), but when our busy schedules are not well managed, they have the potential to affect our relationships adversely. Anywhere you look, you’ll find busy people. And just in case you haven’t noticed, here are some instances of where you’ll find busy people – homes/houses, neighborhoods, game houses, schools, offices, markets, churches, etc. Lemme paint some typical ‘busy scenarios’ for you:

Scenario 1: You bump into Agnes in the market

“Arghhh Agnes, so good to see you. I’m yet to get your feedback on the document I sent you since January for review. How far naa?”

“My dear I’ve been very busy, haven’t even looked at it…”

Scenario 2: Pastor calls brother Stephen who used to be very committed to God and punctual to church activities but has recently been MIA

“Bro Steve, how are you?”

”I’m fine Pastor”

”How have you been? How’s work and your family? We’ve not seen you in church for some time now, hope all is well?”

“All is well Sir. Infact God has been really good and faithful. Been planning to come for testimony/thanksgiving it’s just that I’ve been so busy with work. I got promoted in my office so I’m handling more responsibilities…”

Scenario 3: Wife asks her husband to take her to the cinema this Easter break cos it’s been a while they spent some time alone.

”Baby, I made some ticket reservations for us to go see a movie this weekend. I’ve missed how we used to hang out before we got married”

“Sweetheart, you know I love you and would love to come to the movies with you. But I already made some other plans. You know I’m often busy with office work, I planned to use this holiday weekend to meet up with some senior friends who’ll help push my side contracts. You know we need the extra income. Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you…”

Scenario 4: You submitted some documents for signing and you were told to come back in a day/week or so to pick them.

“Good afternoon sec, how’re you doing? Please have my documents been signed”

”Sorry ma, your documents are not yet signed, you can check back later.“

”Arghh, but you asked me to check today. Please when exactly should I check back, I really need the signed documents to process my ***“

“Ma’am, I can’t say. My boss is a very busy person. He’s not even in town at the moment and I don’t know when he’ll be back…”

Scenario 5: You are approached by some people for evangelism

“Good evening brother, please we will like to share the good news with you “

” Please I’m very busy at the moment, just gimme the flyer”

While you process the above scenarios, let’s look at some dictionary definitions for the word Busy:

– Actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime. Doing a great deal; having a lot of things to do in the space of time given

– Having a great deal to do.

– keeping oneself occupied.

– Having a lot going on; complicated or intricate.

Using the word busy is a very easy way to dismiss someone. If someone asks you to help them look at something and you simply say, “please I’m busy at the moment, I’ll check it out later.” There’s a tendency they’ll leave you believing/hoping you’d really check it out later as you said. Sometimes, your later could really be LATER but some other times, it tends to be never, except they send a reminder.

The word busy is an easy/reflex response that subtly makes room for procrastination because we rarely question its use. My experience with a colleague at work is what pushed me to ask the question “how busy are we really?“

This colleague of mine makes me ‘dread’ working on a project with her because most times when I encounter a challenge and need her help, she’s often too busy to assist. She’s really good at what she does but her response time when I need assistance is near frustrating. Most times when I chat her up through the internal communicator to ask questions relating to a project we’re both working on since she knows much better than i do in the subject matter, she won’t respond. I would have to walk all the way over to her desk, repeat all that I’ve already sent to her via chat and then she’ll ask me to go back to my seat, share screen and repeat the scenario – the exact reason I was prompting her for a chat before walking over to her desk. Her reason for not responding to my chats is simple – she is busy.

This repeated incidence prompted me to ask myself, “Do I treat others who need my genuine assistance and attention, this way?”

You know it’s very easy to spot the speck in someone else’s eye without feeling the log in our own eyes. But the golden rule says, “do unto others what you’d like them to do unto you” (Matthew 7:12). So I’ve decided to look inwards and examine my schedule, think and reflect well before I use the word busy.

The Easter holidays end today and with tomorrow’s dawn comes a resumption of the busy activities. I hope you have used the break well? As we resume work, please work on x-raying your busy schedule. Examine your priorities, make room for the needful and take out what isn’t expedient. Don’t let documents lie on your desk longer than they should, stop using busy as an easy excuse.

We all are busy with one engagement or the other but when we look more closely, we’ll realize that we are not as busy as we often think.

Thank you for reading today’s post, please don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the comment box.

PS: Friday is April 1, don’t let anyone play a fast one on you, lol.

Have a pleasant and less busy week ahead.



8 Replies to “Managing Relationships: How Busy Are You Really?”

  1. Nice one dear. Saying I’m busy has become my mantra. A good excuse that comes in handy most times when in fact I might not actually be busy. Will work on that. Thanks for d beautiful piece.


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