#SFF Series: Being Single Is An Opportunity To Reflect And Grow Before Marriage – Princess-Anne Atulaegwu



Thank God It’s Thursday! Thursdays have become my second favorite day of the week (the first is Sunday), because it brings me a fresh episode of the #SFF Series. Even though I conduct these interviews; review, edit and arrange them for publishing, I kinda close my mind so I can read them ‘fresh’ from the blog when it is published. Weird? I know, lol.

Our Star Guest on today’s episode of the SFF Series is a lady I have admired and looked up to since I was 18. If I remember right, she is the first person to ever sit and talk to me about discovering and birthing my purpose. She was just a year ahead of me in the university but in purpose, ministry and fruitfulness, she was ages ahead of me. I remember vividly when I told her I had passion for writing and showed her one of my poems, she looked at me, hugged me and then said, “Chinyere, this isn’t how to write. When you write, you write to the world. There’s too much ‘me’ and ‘I’ in this your poem…” I felt temporarily bad but that pushed me to think deeper before writing but more importantly, it taught me to seek God’s inspiration and opinion before writing on anything. And my articles became less selfish and better after that. (choi, see digression!)

Our #SFF Series Star Guest today is Princess-Anne Atulaegwu. CEO & Founder at The BIRTH PLACE. Minister Princess (as I call her) is an inspiring personality who specializes in birthing God’s purpose in the heart of young people, teaching them to nurse their vision and prophetically empowering them to fulfill destiny. She is an author, conference convener, speaker, youth coach, counselor, Mentor and teacher with a huge passion to see YOU live fulfilled.

Today, she shares with us on how to be a Fruitful and Fulfilled Single, as her life exemplifies. (Single in this context means an unmarried young man/woman who is neither a baby mama nor baby papa). Do seat back and enjoy and don’t forget to share your thoughts/lessons in the comments box.

Being Single Is An Opportunity To Reflect And Grow Before Marriage – Princess-Anne Atulaegwu

Princess-Anne Atulaegwu

SFF Question: Can we meet you please?
Princess: I’m Princess-Anne Atulaegwu, an inspiring personality with a huge heart to see YOU live fulfilled. Founder of The Birthplace Foundation.

SFF Question: What does being single mean to you?
Princess: For me, being single is a period of wholeness. It is an opportunity to reflect and grow before marriage.

SFF Question: Can a single be fruitful and fulfilled?
Princess: Oh sure. I am single, fruitful and fulfilled.

SFF Question: At what point did it dawn on you that one can be fruitful and fulfilled even before getting married?
Princess: Can’t quite pick a point but I’ve had that orientation as far back as I can remember. Thanks to my mother

SFF Question: How important is it to discover purpose and have a vision before getting married?
Princess: Oh very important! Purpose sets the course of your life aright, once found. It’s really important for one to find purpose before marriage so one doesn’t get locked in with the wrong companion. The same way a vision is important because it charts your course into the future.

SFF Question: Did you have any wedding plans for 2016? Or desire to get married before end of 2016?
Princess: (Laughs) Yes I did.

SFF Question: What can a single do to become SFF?
Princess: Go about your purpose/Life Assignment. Remind yourself constantly that singlehood is a season that must be harnessed by you for the best. We also need to know that singlehood is a time to plant what we want to harvest in our marital season. When we have these in mind, being SFF comes into play naturally.

SFF Question: How can one differentiate between the desire and the desperation to be married?
Princess: (Laughs) A desire is a hearty wish under logical reasoning but a desperation is a mind possession under irrational reasoning. When marriage is all you think about, you can’t form healthy non-romantic relationships with males or females. You’ll frequently catch yourself OFTEN scheming to land a spouse; you’re desperate and that to me, is insane.

We have to know that marriage is not an achievement. It’s an added advantage for achieving or fulfilling your Life Assignment/Purpose. It’s okay to desire to be a spouse. God put those desires there. So pray about it, equip yourself to add value to your someday spouse and position yourself to be found in due time. 

SFF Question: What are the challenges you have faced on the journey to be SFF?
Princess: (Laughs) I’ve been laughed at actually. When people laugh at you, you might want to get distracted. You might be tempted to make their opinion of your singlehood important rather than focusing on projects and other meaningful relationships that bring fulfilment and aids your fruitfulness. I basically just remind myself that this is a phase I can’t waste and I go on living fulfilled and fruitful.

SFF Question: Advice to anyone who think it is impossible to be SFF?
Princess: If you think it’s impossible, take a look at my life. See what I do and look inward. You will see you’ve been wasting value and time by believing being SFF is impossible.

SFF Bonus Question: What part of your lifestyle do you think will likely change after marriage?
Princess: (Laughs) Hmmmm, basically my independent decision making pattern would have to go. I’ll gladly let that go because I know my husband will be a wise man! Hahaha.

Gbam! Thank you so much maama!!! I particularly love the way you dished your advice: See what I do and look inward. You will see you’ve been wasting value and time by believing being SFF is impossible.”

Your life is indeed a good #SFF model ma! It’s an honor to have you answer these #SFF FAQs.

If you’ve been following this series, you’ll notice that Minister Princess repeated something our first Star Guest said – marriage is not an achievement. It’s an added advantage for achieving or fulfilling your Life Assignment/Purpose.

Please darlings, let’s not come and go and kee ourselves because we are single. This phase of our life is very very critical to our fulfilling our purpose on earth. Plus it’s temporary; let’s make the most of it.

Your turn sweeties, what lessons did you pick from Princess-Anne’s interview? Please share in the comment box let’s learn together.

Connect with Princess-Anne: Facebook – Anne Atulaegwu, Instagram – @anneatulaegwu, Blog – http://www.anneatulaegwu.com/, Page – Anne Atulaegwu

Next Star Guest on the #SFF Series is Ayobami Akinade, Managing Partner of It’sAwrap CreativeWorld. Please keep a date with us next Thursday.

PS: The SFF Series is dedicated to interviewing single eligible Christian youths who are 25 years and above. These ones, though single (which is not a disadvantage in any way) are already living fruitful lives and fulfilling purpose in their various fields of calling.

The aim is to learn from them how one can be Single, Fruitful and Fulfilled. We also want to learn from any experience, mistakes or regrets they had before discovering that it is 100% possible to be SFF.

For more details, we explained all about the #SFF Series  HERE. We also had an amazing Star Guest with us last week, do catch up on his episode HERE.

Wishing y’all a Fruitful and Fulfilled rest of week.

Much Love



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