Lessons From #FreeConferenceAbuja


Abuja city caught a good kind of inferno yesterday, courtesy of #FreeConferenceAbuja organized by Sir Jimi and ma’am Lola Tewe.

What went down yesterday at the NAF Conference Centre, Abuja, cannot be fully captured in pictures, words or even video; it’s better experienced than told. But again, thanks to the internet and social media, it is better to have snippets of what went down than to be totally left in the dark. So yeah, camera and lessons penned down in any medium can still impact the mind of the reader or viewer. Continue reading “Lessons From #FreeConferenceAbuja”


Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities (2)

Opportunities - shutterstock.
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Last two weeks, we started discussions on the Opportunity Series – How to position, recognize and maximize opportunities. We took a brief break from the series last week to attend the Webinar on “Journey of Self Discovery”. More on that at the end of today’s post… For now, let’s dig into the second part of our discourse on the Opportunity Series.

I shared with you three (3) key ways to position attractively for opportunities. Today, I’ll be sharing with you three more tips. Continue reading “Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities (2)”

Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities

Opportunities - Shutterstock
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I promised that this quarter, I will be sharing with you my ama-amazing blog fam, tips on how to position, recognize and maximize opportunities even if they are camouflaged as something else. Today, we’ll get started on that.

First, let’s take a look at some definition of the word OPPORTUNITY:

  • A situation or condition favourable for attainment of a goal.
  • A good position, chance, or prospect, for advancement or success.

Continue reading “Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities”

Beautiful New Month And Lessons Learned In The Month Of April


I know it’s the 5th of May already but “Happy New Month” greetings are still in ‘vogue’ so Happy New Month my ama-amazing Blog Fam!!!

So so sorry I’ve been away from here for too long. I literally deserve to be told to kneel down, hands up and close my eyes 🙌 Choi! But please my people, accept my sincere apologies and forgive me. Biko🙏

Not showing up here, all through the month of April, was not a pleasant decision. As a matter of fact, I didn’t envisage it would take the whole of the month. Continue reading “Beautiful New Month And Lessons Learned In The Month Of April”

#UnheardStory – I Had Terrible Low Self-Esteem Until God’s Word Convinced Me That I am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

UnheardStory with ChinyereDistinguished

Good Afternoon Lovelies! What’s gwan?


Today is the last day/Friday of March and the last day/Friday in the first quarter of the year! As in, the first 90 days of the year is going, going, GONE… Well just a few more hours to fully go.

The year is rolling by fast and lots of beautiful opportunities have come with it. I hope you are seeing/hearing and making maximum use of the opportunities that have come your way since the beginning of the year? Or do you feel, you haven’t been very lucky with spotting opportunities? Continue reading “#UnheardStory – I Had Terrible Low Self-Esteem Until God’s Word Convinced Me That I am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made”

CEO Memoirs: What Are You Really Selling?

CEO Memoirs with Zubi O'Peters

To be in business, you must be selling a product or service in exchange for monetary value. That is the definition of business paraphrased.

Overtime, you may have heard, or even said so yourself that “business is not moving”. So many factors could lead to such poor return on business investments – poor communication, no competitive edge over other market share-holders, poor positioning, poor packaging, etc. Continue reading “CEO Memoirs: What Are You Really Selling?”