#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Win A Free Copy


Good morning my ama-mazing BlogFam! How’re you doing lovelies?

I’m so excited to announce to you that our book (yes oo, it is our collective effort; without your prayers and support, I wouldn’t have achieved this great feat). So back to what I was saying… our book “SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED – Living a whole and productive life before “I Do”” will be launching next week Tuesday, 1st August 2017 #Drumrolls. Starting with the e-Book.

Still feels surreal, but to the Glory of God and to the shame of the devil, it’s happening LIVE!💃 💃 💃 💃 💃

Thank you all for your review of the book. Let me share a few here, for the benefit of those who I’m not yet connected to via Facebook or Instagram.

“Great book this is! I recommend it to everyone especially single women being pressurized by the society to quickly get married without any long-term plans. I got married to my wife when I was 28 in 2002. That’s a very young age for a man but I managed to learn over those years that marriage, contrary to the views of many young people, is actually a journey and not a destination. Like your dad Rev. Chris. Anoke has been in the journey for 35 years and counting, the journey continues, and that’s what we (most adults), should teach younger followers – that marriage doesn’t solve all your problems. It is a journey, it is a work and how you start determines largely how it goes.

I’m glad reading this from you as a young person and hope this work helps in changing the attitude of so many young people. Being single is not something to be worried about, what you do is what counts.

Thanks so much for devoting much time into this and hope the time and resources you put in are well rewarded. God bless.”

– Chris Nwabueze Ndu


“The first thing I love about this book is the book cover. And I think the interview in chapter one is really good. It set the pace for the rest of the book.

It isn’t enough to be single, but to be single, fruitful and fulfilled. ChinyereDistinguished in this book just showed how that can be achieved.”

– Chukwuka Chukwumerije


“In a time and season where there has been misconceptions about singles both from the society and the singles themselves, many single folks lose focus, feel depressed, unfruitful and unproductive. This book comes at the nick of time to correct the anomalies and erroneous views about singleness, thereby giving singles the courage to maximize their singleness by being fruitful and fulfilled rather than erroneously believing that they can fulfil purpose only when married.

This book is for everyone, most especially for the singles. It is a must read for all.”

– Precious Robert


““Single, Fruitful, Fulfilled – Living a whole and productive life before “I Do” tells the story of how singles can use their time wisely and be productive while waiting for marriage. The author, ChinyereDistinguished, talks about embracing your singleness and seeing yourself as a whole and complete individual, rather than the popular belief of someone else completing you.

As a single in waiting, it is good to divert your focus and attention towards developing and building yourself to becoming a better person.
This book teaches you how to overcome the pressures and anxiety from the society, family and yourself. I’ll stop here now and advice you to get a copy; it’s a book I’ll recommend to every single out there. So what are you waiting for, come grab yourself a copy!”

– Leela P. Edosonwan


“This is one book everyone should have, especially the singles. Being a single young man, the first son of his parents and a pastor, I understand what it means to be under pressure to get married. But just two pages into this book and your conviction that marriage shouldn’t happen before you become a fulfilled achiever is reinforced.

If you have paused your life waiting until you get married to press play, this is one book you need. It shows how you can be the best version of you and achieve all you want to achieve, while hoping to someday get married. It shows how to drown the voices that tell you that being single is a problem.

Everyone needs this book as it is an eye opener that will help the society to stop seeing singles as ‘incomplete’ beings. Make sure you grab a copy.”

– Praise-Legend Onwuachu

There are so many other reviews, but you’ll get to read the rest when you get the Complete book😊 😀

Beechtown Farmer's Market

The pre-order deal that gives you the complete book, e-Book or Hardcopy, at a N300 discount, is still on. And I’ll love you to please take advantage of it, before it closes on Monday, 31st July 2017 (that’s barely 7 days away, phew!).

The pre-order details are as follows:

  1. e-Book – N1,200 (Full price after launch is N1,500)
  2. Hardcopy – N1,700 (Full price after launch is N2,000)

Pay to:

Account Name: Chinyere Lydia Anoke

Account No.: 3105183858

Bank Name: First Bank

And then send an email to chinyeredistinguished@gmail.com with the subject: SFF BOOK PRE-ORDER.

Single, Fruitful, Fulfilled - Living A Whole And Fulfilled Life Before I Do

Also, thanks to four ama-mazing good Samaritans: Affiong Ene-Obong, Praise-Legend Onwuachu, Success Anoke and Dorcas Ogonnaya Okorafor, who decided to sponsor free giveaways of the SFF Book, you can now win a free copy – Hardcopy or e-Book. How amazing is that?!!!

So for all those who’ve been saying they’ll like to have a copy, here’s a golden opportunity to get one at no cost. And winning is easy!

Here’s how to win:

1a. Follow this link – bit.ly/SFFInstagramGiveaway, to contest on Instagram or

1b. Follow this link – bit.ly/SFFFreeGiveaway, to contest on Facebook.

2. Talk about your biggest SFF challenge, e.g., pressure, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, or whatever it is you struggle with as a Single, and how you overcome it.

3. The Comment/Post with the highest number of likes, by 8pm on Tuesday, 25th July, 2017 wins.

4. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 26th July, 2017.

FIRST PRIZE: Hardcopy of #SFF #TheBook

SECOND PRIZE: Softcopy of #SFF #TheBook

Please DO NOT contest on both platforms; it’s the same question with equal opportunities to win either a Hardcopy or a softcopy.

Remember the contest ends tomorrow by 8pm. So click on the link of your choice, follow the easy guidelines and get your friends to like your post or comment.

Here are the links again:

– To win on Instagram – bit.ly/SFFInstagramGiveaway

– To win on Facebook – bit.ly/SFFFreeGiveaway

I so look forward to announcing YOU as the winner.


Lots of Love💕 💕 💕

PS: The first two chapters of the book are still available for free download, you can get yours here – bit.ly/SFFFreeExcerpts

PPS: Please share this post using any of the share buttons below 💕

Wishing y’all a most fruitful and productive week ahead.





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