#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Download The First Two Chapters For FREE

ChinyereDistinguished Anoke

Good morning my ama-mazing BlogFam!

I’m super happy and excited this morning because it’s a beautiful Monday and I get to stay longer in bed instead of rushing off to work 😍 😍 😍 . Thank God for public holidays; they are so welcome on days like this when I spent more than half the night typing on my system.

Just before I go back to bed, I have a special gift for you all – the first two chapters of my soon-to-be-released book, “Single, Fruitful, Fulfilled – Living A Whole And Productive Life Before “I Do”” .

Single, Fruitful, Fulfilled - Living A Whole And Fulfilled Life Before I Do
Book Cover Design: Raymond Emamezi Okoro

Like I promised on Saturday, you get to download it at absolutely no cost; it’s FREE! It’s my little way of saying “THANK YOU” for being so supportive.

I have one request to make of you though… sweetie, please come back to this post and leave a review after you download and read. Will really appreciate that.

Thank you in advance😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

Ready to grab your copy? Then DOWNLOAD HERE.

It’s a beautiful new week, wishing y’all the best of it.



PS: Here’s the download link again – SFF Free Excerpts.


2 Replies to “#SFF – THE BOOK: Here’s How To Download The First Two Chapters For FREE”

  1. Yeah…..so I have seen a lot of books about how to get married in the shortest time possible…….well it’s good…..but it is better for you to know how to be fulfilled even as a single person and how to maximize your ‘waiting period’ no matter how short it is….

    To be able to survive the period of ‘singlehood’ in this our marriage oriented society,  there’s a need for every single person to renew their minds as to what it means to be single because you might not be able to control the external pressure but you have a 100% control as to what goes on inside of you..

    So the book, SFF, written by my lovely sister is a must have for every single person…not so you can remain single for life😃 but so that you can live a whole, fruitful and fulfilled life as a single person before your second whole person comes along bearing in that marriage is between two ‘whole’ persons. 

    It is also for those who are married or about to get married with the mentality that ‘it is your spouse that completes you’…..No!! You have to be able to chase your ‘one thousand’ before you can join another person to chase ‘ten thousand’


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