Now Available: Journey Of Self-Discovery – The e-Book

The e-Book (1)

Remember when I invited you all to join in on a Webinar I was co-hosting with a friend?This poster should jolt your memory, hehehehe

WoA Seminar with ChinyereDistinguished and Oladipupo Osofowora

Like I said two weeks ago,  the webinar was a huge success! We had about 200 participants in attendance (which is huge for my friend and I considering it’s our debut webinar). I was particularly delighted to see more than a couple of you in the attendance. Much love darlings, you rock!!!

For the benefit of those who couldn’t attend. And those who missed out on one of the days, Oladipupo and I decided to make the webinar content into an e-Book and make it readily accessible to anyone and everyone who would like a copy. So right here in this post, you can download your copy of the e-Book; it’s FREE!


What The Webinar Attendees Are Saying

Thanks to the organizers of this life changing webinar. God bless you big time.

Engraced Sam


I’d be an ingrate if I don’t say thank you for the seminar you put up with your friend. It was an eye-opener for me. To say it was wonderful would be an understatement. Though I could not follow during the class, but when I sat down to read through I was wowed. I was glued to my seat for over one hour and when I stood up it was a different me altogether.

Thanks for using your gift to bless the world. This is just the beginning. You’ll increase to become a force the world reckon with. Thanks once again. God bless you.

– Goodness-Mercy


I never imagined that there is a lot we could talk about on self-discovery. I wondered for a while what we would spend 3-4 hours talking about, but overall this platform was effective. Every moment was engaging, the speakers were professional. Oladipupo, I admire the man in you. Thanks for putting up this platform and making it easily accessible. Our dear Distinguished, you’re a blessing to this world and am glad that I can benefit from this blessing. Thanks to everyone who showed up, the turn up was great.

– Teatee


I’m not new to self-discovery; I have paid a lot for seminars and events like this. I strongly believe that youths of today will know this comes on a platter of gold for them. Thumbs up to the organizers of this platform unlike many groups where immorality and all sorts of jargon were being discussed. Once again God bless you and refill you OLA and Distinguished

– Adewale


Thank you so much for this amazing session. I got something tangible from it. Looking forward to the e-book.

– Olutola Comfort


You may be wondering, “What is Self-discovery? and why is it important?” or you may have already discovered some bits about yourself but fear and some limiting thoughts, beliefs and doubts are holding you back from unearthing your greatness. You are not alone, this happens to the best of us. That is why Oladipupo and I put together the webinar on “Journey of Self-Discovery” and now the e-Book, to help you unearth your talents, purpose and greatness so that you can soar and live a life of limitless Excellence!

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE e-BOOK HERE – Journey of Self-discovery – The e-Book

The e-Book (1)

Journey of Self-Discovery – The e-Book


Now, what you owe yourself is to download, read, learn and apply what you find in this treasure chest presented in an easily accessible e-Book.

Please don’t forget to share your takeaways and reviews from the e-Book.

Here’s the download link again – Journey of Self-discovery – The e-Book


Remember, Excellence Is A Lifestyle, let’s live it!





PS: The #OpportunitySeries will resume this weekend


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