Lessons From #FreeConferenceAbuja


Abuja city caught a good kind of inferno yesterday, courtesy of #FreeConferenceAbuja organized by Sir Jimi and ma’am Lola Tewe.

What went down yesterday at the NAF Conference Centre, Abuja, cannot be fully captured in pictures, words or even video; it’s better experienced than told. But again, thanks to the internet and social media, it is better to have snippets of what went down than to be totally left in the dark. So yeah, camera and lessons penned down in any medium can still impact the mind of the reader or viewer.

I was live at the event from about 10am to 5pm when the event was wrapping up. Special appreciation to Sir Fela Durotoye for extending an invite to all members of his Leadership Network. And I really bless God for causing me to open and read that particular email. Sometimes, I don’t get to open emails that I’m subscribed to for days but to the Glory of God, I got to read this one, and on time too.


Honestly, I doubt if I would have heard about this life-changing event if I didn’t sign up for the #FelaDurotonyeLeadershipNetwork. You too should signup; it’s a leadership network for every Nigerian who desires to achieve his/her leadership goals, and also desires to collaborate with others of like minds to build Nigeria as the most desirable nation to live in by Wednesday, the 31st of December 2025. This is the vision of Sir Fela Durotoye who put together this Leadership Network where he consistently shares his experiences, expertise and network with us all. Since what we do here on the blog is to inspire and challenge each other to live a lifestyle of excellence on all fronts, this is me appealing to you all to sign-up already for the Fela Durotoye Leadership Network. Here’s the link to join – www.feladurotoye.net/signup

Now let’s get into the lessons I learned from FREE Conference Abuja

The event was literally star-studded with top-notch successful career and business owners that matter both nationally and globally. From the organizer, Mr Jimi Tewe, CEO of Inspiro Consulting and a well-recognized voice in the Public Speaking space in Africa. To the legendary nation-builder and CEO of the GEMSTONE Group, Sir Fela Durotoye. To Sir Steve Harris, CEO of EdgeEcution and popularly known as “Mr Ruthless Execution”. To the knowledge-economy expert and CEO of the Discovery Centre, ma’am Mfon Ekpo. To the security expert and CEO of Protection Plus Services Limited (PPSL), sir Ubong-Thompson King. To the CEO of Saphire Scents, Mr Wale Jana. To the exquisite ma’am Olori Ajayi, CEO of KATIE WANG Group. To the delectable script and song writer, Glowreeyah Braimah. To the the MD of Bubez Foods, ma’am Ijeoma Ndukwe-Egwuronu fondly known as ‘Nwanyi Akamu’ or ‘Iyaologi’ (The pap seller). And so many others!

Lessons From Fela Durotoye

Fela Durotoye and ChinyereDistinguished

  • Leadership is influence. What you are is what you ignite in others.
  • A true leader, takes what he has to those who need it.
  • Leadership is the ability to bring out the best in yourself and in others.
  • The security of your prosperity is in the prosperity of others.
  • You’re enlightened to enlighten others. Your purpose is not about you but about others. Receive to release.
  • The light that you carry is a gift to you. Your gifts, talents, skills, etc., were all given to you. Be a channel and not a container.
  • Lack is an illusion, it’s not real! Everything you need is around you!
  • Once you take a step, what you need will take a step towards you.
  • Sometimes, the chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical.
  • It’s not what you have that limits you. It is what you have that you are not using that limits you.
  • It is possible to be functioning and not be fulfilling purpose.
  • Failure plus explanation will never equal to success.
  • Whatever you appreciate will grow in value in your life, to the extent that you appreciate it. Appreciation should be your lifestyle.
  • Freedom does not mean to do what you want to do. Freedom is to do the will of God.

Lessons From Steve Harris

 Steve Harris

  • Be Free in your mind. The first place you need to be free is in your mind.
  • Your life experiences will determine your belief systems. Your belief systems will determine your decisions. And your decisions will determine your destiny. Want to change your destiny? Change what you believe.
  • Truelies are lies that you have accepted as truths.
  • You have no facts for what you are afraid of. You can be in a place of prosperity and remain poor because you think poor.
  • The currency of the rich is time. The currency of the poor is money. If you’re thinking money, you’re thinking too small.
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire and intimidate you. Test your associations.
  • Create value for the world to come to you. Subscribe to field experts in your area of interest. Read the emails and study/learn the business of what they do to make you buy.
  • If you want to change your circle or reach out to a mentor, don’t ask what’s in it for you. Ask what’s in me for it.
  • Look for a coach that has raised champions and you must be willing to put in the work.
  • You can only be a JJC once. Take one thing from all the speakers in this conference and then implement it.


Lessons From Mfon Ekpo

Mfon Ekpo #FCA

  • The capacity you need to fulfill purpose is your ability to hear God.
  • God always brings helpers along the path of your destiny.
  • Know your season and how to maximize it.
  • Part of the problem is you think you have time before you can start on your dreams. Start now, there is no time.
  • We are in the knowledge economy. The more qualitative your thinking, the more money you have.
  • The knowledge economy is the best time to make money and quickly.
  • The knowledge economy responds to the quality of your thoughts.
  • The hit you get from smoking and cocaine is the same hit you get from social media addiction. It can stop you from intelligent thoughts.
  • If you want to succeed in this economy, you must fight for time to think quality thoughts.
  • To think quality thoughts, shut out the noise especially noise from the social media. Become so valuable that even if you are not on the social media people will come looking for you.
  • Place a demand on yourself to produce.
  • Learn to create a lack situation to push your mind to create wealth.
  • The reason we are afraid of failure is because of our perception of failure. Failure is a requirement for success.
  • Stop taking constructive criticism from those who haven’t constructed anything.
  • Your constant need for validation will kill your dreams. Stop negotiating with your dream.
  • How badly do you want your dreams to play out? Put your money where your mouth is. Invest in trainings.
  • There is a difference between your talent and the business of your talent. Be willing to invest in trusted authorities. FREE is a trap! Free will keep you limited.
  • You can’t produce what you’re not willing to invest. You can’t learn things for free. It must cost you something.
  • Your coach is not your friend. Your coach is supposed to drive you even if you hate his guts.
  • The only thing stopping you is your mind-set. Walking into your purpose requires a new perception of yourself.
  • Everything has system, a strategy and a structure. Don’t just quit your job to pursue your dreams.
  • While you keep your job, invest time and money in building your dream. Your job feeds your dream until your dream is able to feed you.
  • Draw out a system while you’re in your paid employment. You must have a structure in place before you jump.
  • Knowledge Economy says, “How can I afford it?” not “I cannot afford it.”
  • You need a coach to help bring out what is in you. Don’t tell me this is your best.

Lessons From Ubong-Thomas King

Ubong King #FCA

  • The best way to get out of trouble is to get into trouble.
  • Everyone was born with a failure mind-set. To succeed, you have to unlearn failure and learn success.
  • Before you make money, learn character, otherwise, money will expose you.
  • When fathers don’t talk, their children become irresponsible tomorrow.
  • The problem we have is our eyes. What you see limits you. You need to close your eyes to see more.
  • Money is built on relationships. If people cannot trust you, you cannot make money.
  • If you pray only when you’re in trouble, then you are in trouble.
  • The best gift that God gave to man is hunger. When you are hungry, it pushes you to find food.
  • Free food limits you. When anyone gives you free food, they stop you from thinking of how to find your own food. And this limits your productivity.
  • Ages 21-30 years are the Test and experimental years. Feel free to experiment, make mistakes and find where your passion and strengths are. Copy until you become.
  • The difference between an eagle and a vulture is their interest. A vulture will never eat a healthy or living thing while an eagle will never eat a dead thing. Which are you?
  • Purpose is born out of pain or what you are unhappy/uncomfortable with.
  • The difference between a poor man and a rich man is intelligence. Invest in personal development. Whatever you eat continuously will eventually eat you!

Lessons From Jimi Tewe

 Jimi Tewe and FD

  • Resign from mediocrity. Your life is not what you do for a living. It is what you do that makes you live.
  • It is the person that responds to opportunity that ceases it.

Lessons From The Panel (Wale Jana, Ijeoma aka NwanyiAkamu, Olori Ajayi, Maureen, Glowreeyah Braimah)

Maureen: Faith without work is dead. Put action to your dreams and faith.

Ijeoma aka NwanyiAkamu: Face your fears. Success is a facade. You can stumble into purpose. You have to try it. Fastest way to know what you’re good at is to experiment.

Olori Ajayi: When you make money, it’s not for you to spend everything. The more you dive into your purpose, the more you find more opportunities. Discover where your customers are. Expose your mind. When you see something new, you can’t un-see it.

Glowreeyah Braimah: Hope against hope. There is strength in vulnerability. God can use the vulnerabilities of your life as an opportunity or outlet to pour out His essence.

Wale Jana: Believe in your dream(s).

There are still so many lessons that I couldn’t capture on paper.


But like Sir Steve Harris said, “take one thing from all the speakers in this conference and then implement it.” This is my advice to you too, whether you were live at the event or catching up via any medium.

Which lesson resonates with you most? Which would you start implementing first? Please share in the comments.

PS: Please share so others can gain from these lessons too.

PPS: Excellence is a lifestyle, let’s live it!

Love 💕


Special thank you to Jimi and Lola Tewe for putting this event together


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