Opportunity Series: Taking The Right Position For Attracting Opportunities (2)

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Last two weeks, we started discussions on the Opportunity Series – How to position, recognize and maximize opportunities. We took a brief break from the series last week to attend the Webinar on “Journey of Self Discovery”. More on that at the end of today’s post… For now, let’s dig into the second part of our discourse on the Opportunity Series.

I shared with you three (3) key ways to position attractively for opportunities. Today, I’ll be sharing with you three more tips. Please read the first part HERE if you haven’t done so yet. #thankyou

  1. Network with OTHERS

Man (this includes both genders), no matter how reserved he is, is a social being. No matter how introverted you are, there is an innate desire to be loved, appreciated, celebrated and more importantly, to connect with others, for one reason or the other. To position attractively for opportunities, networking with others is a critical skill we all must learn.

People are our greatest source(s) of opportunity. Regardless of what kind of opportunity we are looking for, there is someone, somewhere, who is in a position to make it happen. So we need to network better and smarter. One good way to network with others is via the social media.

I can’t even recount all the great contacts I have made through my various social media accounts. Most of my guests on this blog are people I met via one social media platform or the other. Some of them are people I may never have heard of or met, if not through the social media.

Facebook and all the other social sites have gone beyond a platform for connecting with old acquaintances to a platform for connecting with strangers who are field experts in your area of interest. They have gone beyond a platform for posting random thoughts and pictures to a platform of intentional postings, learning, entertainment, making new friends/business contacts and attracting opportunities.

Numerous opportunities abound on and off the social media, and the first step to attracting them is to network right with others.


This point follows the indisputable golden rule – do to others what you would want them to do to you. When it comes to positioning right and attracting opportunities, creating new opportunities for others attracts even greater opportunities for you.

Some of the best opportunities that will come your way will be born from your desire to create opportunities for others. Again, it is natural to want to help only those that you know and like. But work at creating opportunities that will help others beyond your close-knit circle of friends, and opportunities will follow.

When we look for ways to help others, we become a magnet for increased personal opportunities.


Most times, our default reason for reaching out and connecting with others is, so they can help us with one thing or the other. We focus on building ‘business-oriented’ relationships instead of creating relationships that will benefit the other party.

Life is all about relationships and relationships are a give-and-take arrangement. Again I cite the example of social sites like twitter and Facebook. Many business opportunities have come from these social sites, but the relationship came first. If you are looking for opportunities, focus on establishing relationships and creating value first. If you work at building relationships with people, opportunities will follow.

I read something some time ago about the golden rule of networking and it relates to attracting opportunities. Can’t remember the name of the book and author but this is what I jotted from it:

“The Golden Rule” of Networking is, “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to those people they know, like and trust.”

When we give to – or do something for – someone, we take an important step toward causing those “know, like and trust” feelings toward us in that other person. I’ve often said that the best way to get business and get referrals is to first give business and give referrals.

Work at building relationships with people and opportunities will follow.

Bonus Tip: Ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS

Last year, I did a full post on asking the right question. You should check it out HERE. The type of questions we ask is critical to the type of opportunities we attract to ourselves. Asking the right questions will ultimately lead you to the right people and right opportunities. So look around, observe and ask the right questions.

And this is where we wrap up the first item on the opportunity-tripod. What point resonates with you most? What other tips do you use or know that can help us position ourselves more attractively for opportunities? Please share in the comments section.

WoA Seminar with ChinyereDistinguished and Oladipupo Osofowora

A big thank you and congratulations to everyone who joined in on the #JourneyOfSelfDiscovery Webinar I co-hosted with a friend last weekend. I ‘saw’ more than a couple of you in attendance. Thank you all so very much. You make what I do so worth it!

For the benefit of anyone who couldn’t attend and also for the benefit of all who attended but would want to make reference to the things discussed, Oladipupo and I have decided to put the webinar contents into an e-Book and make it readily available and accessible to anyone who would like a copy. You like?

It will be available for download from next weekend. So be on the lookout for it.

Wishing y’all the best of the long weekend darlings.

Remember, Excellence Is A Lifestyle, let’s live it!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and please don’t hesitate to share post with any of the buttons below.




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