What Is Self-Discovery And Why Is It Important?

WoA Seminar with ChinyereDistinguished and Oladipupo Osofowora

Good morning my ama-mazing Blog Fam. How’re you doing lovelies?

Today, we’ll take a break from the Opportunity Series to talk about a topic that is dear to my heart – Self-Discovery.

In my short stay on earth, I have come to realize that the two top questions we find most challenging to answer are:

– Who are you? and

– What do you do?

As simple as these questions look, we can’t rightly answer them without deep introspection. And introspection is the root of Self-Discovery. Self-discovery enlightens and empowers us to unearth our purpose, dispel limiting beliefs, take responsibility for our choices and actions and, live a life of Excellence without limits!

Today and tomorrow, I am partnering with another phenomenal mind, Oladipupo Osofowora to help young adults discover their talents, purpose and unearth their greatness.

In this seminar, you will:

– Discover your talents and gifts

– Unearth your purpose

– Dispel limiting beliefs and

– Live beyond yourself

Also, this is an opportunity for us to connect on a closer level, and, you get to ask me and Osofowora any questions bothering you along these lines. I trust you to take advantage of this before the class gets full (Whatsapp class limit is 256).

Who Can Attend?

– Secondary school graduates

– Undergraduates

– Working adults

– Unemployed youths

– People who are yet to discover themselves and purpose

– Anyone who desires to live a life of Excellence without limits.

Venue is whatsapp | Date is today and tomorrow (20th and 21st May, 2017) |

Time: 7pm to 9pm | Admission: FREE!

Interested? Please opt in with the link – http://bit.do/SelfDiscovery

Please spread the love by inviting your friends too.

I am interested in your Self-discovery and limitless Excellence because we are not here to be ordinary, at all!

Look forward to seeing you in the group darlings😘 😘 😘

Here’s the link again – Self-Discovery

Remember, Excellence Is A Lifestyle, let’s live it!




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