Beautiful New Month And Lessons Learned In The Month Of April


I know it’s the 5th of May already but “Happy New Month” greetings are still in ‘vogue’ so Happy New Month my ama-amazing Blog Fam!!!

So so sorry I’ve been away from here for too long. I literally deserve to be told to kneel down, hands up and close my eyes 🙌 Choi! But please my people, accept my sincere apologies and forgive me. Biko🙏

Not showing up here, all through the month of April, was not a pleasant decision. As a matter of fact, I didn’t envisage it would take the whole of the month. April came with significantly increased workload from the office, so I decided to relegate blogging for the meantime to meet up with scheduled timelines for our projects… and before you know it, 30 days were gone! That’s not the whole truth shaa, let me not put all the blame on work, because I was still able to show up on my social media platforms – FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || TWITTER

So here’s the second part of the truth – I was somewhat discouraged to keep churning out posts on the blog when it appears very few people are actually reading them. Some of you know that I have to defy and sacrifice sleep or shelf some other tasks in order to craft e-Boosting blog posts. So when the blog views/hits and shares aren’t as much as I anticipated, in spite of my shares across my social media  timelines, I allowed myself to get discouraged by that. I lost my inner ginger to stay faithful on the blog. Wrong move!

lessons-learned. Utopia Creations
Photo Credit: Utopia Creations

Lesson One

Our faithfulness and commitment to what God has placed in our hands, should never be based on mere feeling or on the encouragement or otherwise, we get from others. Reason is, God is the rewarder of our Faithfulness, and He is ALWAYS watching. He absolutely understands our challenges and weaknesses and He is ever near to help, strengthen and encourage us, if we let Him. He knows when we are overwhelmed, stressed, discouraged, and He knows when we stop putting in the effort to do what He has asked of us.

Secondly, the applause and encouragement of others was never the reason we started out in the first place. (If that is the case, then it’s a wrong premise.) So, don’t let lack of encouragement or even discouragement from others, deter or discourage you from staying Faithful in what God or even man, has assigned you to do. This is very important because there will certainly be moments of discouragements, when you find no man to cheer you up.

So lesson 1 – let us stay faithful, whether the cheers come or not. Let us stay faithful, whether others encourage us or not. As long as what we are doing is the right thing and in line with God’s will for us, let us stay faithful on that track. It’s only a matter of time, and the results and rewards will spring forth.

Lesson Two

You never know who is watching your actions and inactions. You never know who your showing up against all odds, is all the boost they need to show up too. You never know who your quitting or giving up, will discourage and even prevent from getting to his or her zenith.

Whether we are conscious of this or not, the consequences of our choices/decisions, actions/inactions, affect not only us, but others as well, and sometimes, to even generations unborn, positively or negatively. Worse is, we have no control over these consequences. (Wrote a more detailed article on this HERE, you should read it.)

Now, this does not mean we shouldn’t take a break when we feel overwhelmed. We absolutely should. You can’t keep giving out and showing up without taking out some time to refill and refresh; that is a pre-requisite for burning out. By all means, take a break and rest when you should.  But please when that is done, show back up and refill and refresh others, even if it’s only one person that looks up to you for that.

I was telling someone recently that we have to keep shining the light we carry because the light is not just for us but also for the benefit of others whose lives our attached to our path.

Lesson Three

Be the reason someone is encouraged to keep doing right.

Yeah, we shouldn’t base our actions or inactions or the cheers, likes, comments, shares and encouragement from others. But we cannot deny that being appreciated is a good good feeling and great boost for the soul. An Igbo adage says, “ekene Dike na nke omere, omekwa ozo” which means, when you praise a great man for what he has done, he will be motivated to do even more.

This is so true, even in our relationship with God. So please, be the reason someone is encouraged and challenged to keep doing right, even when they don’t feel like it. Become the reason they feel like it. Being appreciated is a good good feeling and great boost for the soul!

While I was in my ‘anti-blogging’ mode, I got some really positive feedback from two of my recent Facebook friends – Peace and Precious, which encouraged me to keep doing what I do here on the blog. It forced me to remember why I started the blog in the first place. (Some of the ‘WHY’ is written HERE).

So, though we shouldn’t base our showing up or staying faithful, on the encouragement of others, please remember that being encouraged gives boost and extra zest to the receiver and hence make yourself the reason someone is encouraged and has that good feeling to keep doing right. The sweeter part of this is, it’s a good seed that you’ll definitely reap its benefits. (And like all other seed, it may not be returned via the channel you expect it, so please don’t stereotype how or where the benefits will come from).

There you have it – The top three lessons I learned in the month of April. There are more but I’m trying to keep it short (and my word count is already saying “this ain’t short”, lol). I will also love you to share with me lessons you learned in the month of April, or even so far in the year. Please share in the comment box, let’s learn together.

Once again, Happy New Month and Welcome To May!!!

You know what they say about the month of May?

M – Miracles

A – Are

Y – Yours!

My May has started with lots of testimonies from several quarters already, and this is my prayer for you all throughout this month and for the rest of the year.

Happy New Month once more darlings😘 😘 😘 !

It feels so good to be back😍 😍

PS: I may not be able to blog as frequently as I used to, due to so much more responsibilities and commitments I have now, but I promise/commit to show up at least once every week with e-Boosting articles that will inspire, encourage, support and catapult you to your Zenith.

PPS: Excellence Is  A Lifestyle, let’s live it!




8 Replies to “Beautiful New Month And Lessons Learned In The Month Of April”

  1. Happy New month to you too dear. The lessons you shared in this blog post is not just useful for bloggers but for everyone. As an entrepreneur, I’m tempted to quit but at those times, like you did, I remember the why and God keeps me going. Thank you for sharing love. Keep doing what you do; people are watching.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey yo!! Distinguished one, happy New month to you too. Ok, so am not one to really make comments but then like you said I can be a reason why someone is encouraged. So yes now I have committed to encouraging someone to keep doing right.

    Need i say that your posts are always comments worthy, they always have the right impact and deep truths…..

    I pray that you are continually strengthened for the good work. You will not grow weary darling. God bless you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CD! Well done you! I remember feeling that way when I started blogging but because I just lived writing so much I kept at it. At some point I was sure I was the only one reading my blogs. 😂. But over time I’ve come to realize more people read than we think. They just don’t leave a comment or share. How do I know? Cos once in a while you’ll meet someone and s/he will share how this or that post blessed him/her.

    God has given us a ‘Voice’ . Our job is to speak. God’s job is to draw in the Audience. Sometimes we see them. Sometimes we don’t. Seeing it this way has freed me from the ‘bondage mentality’ that counts likes, shares and comments. They are great and I am happy when I see them but they must not be our raison d’etre. You know?

    We blog because we are. It’s in our GodGiven DNA 👍🙌


    1. Awwwwww, thank you so much my Aunty Salt!!!

      This is really very helpful and encouraging, I’ll not let my voice go dim anymore. Let me do my part and allow God do His without worrying about likes, comments and shares, hehe

      God bless you plentifully for me my Aunty. Love you always.


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