Addicted To Writing…


“Writing was given to me as a gift. And like kids who excitedly grab cartons of wrapped gifts at Christmas, I had to discover mine. It’s funny how these discoveries are made. By writing fanciful and emotion-laden love letters to girls as a teen, little did I know that the boat of my literary offerings to the world had set sail…” – Emeka Nobis

I’ve always been fascinated by literary works which is why you’ll more likely catch me reading an interesting piece – novel or otherwise, than catch me seeing a movie. And when I do indulge in movies, my hat doffs first for the creative script writer before it acknowledges the wonderful actors and actresses that bring the story to life.

My love for reading makes me desire to write as well, so others too can be carried away, inspired, encouraged, entertained and challenged to do greater works, like the works of other writers do for me. Fortunately, God blessed me with this beautiful gift – the gift of wielding the pen to change the world.

Even though I didn’t recognize or value this gift when I was younger, today I know better and I proudly associate with the community of writers… But then, I had yet another challenge. I still saw this gift as a little hobby to be used subtly only in my spare time.

Same way Uncle Moses didn’t realize the staff he’s been holding for years, is a serpent that can swallow other serpents; nor did he realize that the same staff was capable of parting the red sea when yielded rightly. This is the same way I’ve been treating my writing gift… Until recently, last week to be precise, I came across a mindset-resetting book titled “ADDICTED TO WRITING” by Sir Emeka Nobis, the legendary writer, thought leader and business mogul.

If you are gifted with writing like I am and you’re wondering how this book can help you, I can assure you, you have more than my word for it. I got the privilege to read this mindset-resetting book and all I can say is – this is a Writers’ little bible, constitution or darling companion, whichever you prefer. Its content resonates to both established and budding writers!

The general myth is – writers are poor; but this book dispels that myth.

And just before you conclude this post or book is for writers only, here’s a little reminder – you cannot sell your idea, product or service to your desired number of target market(s) if you DO NOT know how to tell compelling stories with words. The only other option is to hire someone who knows how to do so.

But here’s some good news, “Addicted To Writing” takes you through the steps of being the best marketer for your products and services through writing.

Here’s some excerpts from this great book:

“What’s your writing as you see it?

Writers are marketers.

At the point of marketing, a sale has not been achieved. It’s simply implying, “Here’s our product, taste it, feel it. What do you think? We love you and we think this is good for you. Why don’t you try it?”

Marketing is sharing. If you’ve got a product you’ve lost sleep over, worried over its palatability and decided it’s got value, then you have to share it.”

And to share it, you need to put some words in writing! And this is where “Addicted To Writing” comes in very handy.

Do you have difficulty deciding if you are a writer or not? This book is for you too.

Most writers have the ideas in their mind, to get it on paper or MS Word seems to be the issue. This book has helped with that by offering the simplest advice on the subject. You don’t need a degree in ‘writing’ to be called a Writer. You can be one, irrespective of your field of interest.

Are you currently experiencing doubts as to whether you can brace it and accept the call of a writer?

Are you one of those with the gift, but you’ve buried it because you think writers are poor blokes?

Do you have issues penning down your thoughts?

This book provides valid answers.

So whether your writing is a gift, learned skill, assigned task or a borrowed craft, this book – ADDICTED To WRITING is for you. And here’s another good news!!!

It will be launched fully to the public by month end and it will sell for N3000 once it is launched. And herein lies the good news – the author Emeka Nobis has opened the cart now for pre-orders at N1500 which is 50% off the official price!

This means that with just N1500, you can have this book if you pay before its official unveiling to the public.

To pay now, please click

If you prefer to pay via the bank, please pay N1500 into:

Account Name: Profound Impacts International,

Account Number: 0120774989


When done, please email with the heading “ADDICTED TO WRITING”

You need this book, and everyone around you does too. Even if you don’t pay for their copy, you can help share this generous offer with them.

I’m counting on you my wonderful e-Family to help make this message go viral.


Again, you can get the book now for half the price – N1500!

I will end this post with this beautiful quote from Sir Innocent Usar – “What will grow you will cost you”

Much Love,


PS: While you pay and await the official unveiling of “Addicted To Writing”, here’s a master piece resource by Sir Emeka Nobis for Growing Your Platform.


You can download it HERE for FREE!


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