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Happy New Month Lovelies!!! Like joke like joke, we’re in the second day of the second month already, phew!

For some, February is the exclusive month for love and lovers (whatever that means) but for me, every day and every week and every month is and should be for creating beautiful memorable magic moments.(what ya think?)

Just before we delve into today’s episode of the #SFF Series, here’s a special February blog post dedicated to you. Please read and tell me what you think.#thankyou 😘

Our Star Guest for today’s interesting and enlightening episode of the #SFF Series is the delectable Ifeoma Gabriella Ekesiobi (aka GabbySpeaks), co-founder of Light Bearers Ministry. Gabby, as I fondly call her is one of the very few ladies I can hang out with and talk for hours without talking/listening to junk or getting bored. She is a sold-out Jesus ‘geh’, Blogger, Speaker, Relationship and Teen Coach.

Today, she shares with us her thoughts on how important and possible it is for a Single to be Fruitful and Fulfilled. (Single in this context means an unmarried young man/woman who is neither a baby-mama nor a baby-papa).

Ifeoma Gabriella Ekesiobi aka GabbySpeaks

SFF Question: Can we meet you please?

Ifeoma: Sure. My name is Ekesiobi Gabriella Ifeoma, I am a blogger and a speaker. I am also a teen coach and a professional Teacher. I also have a thing for photography so you can call me an amateur photographer.

SFF Question: What does being single mean to you?

Ifeoma: Being single for me means not being married. It means having enough time for the greatest man in my life – Jesus.

SFF Question: Can a single be fruitful and fulfilled?

Ifeoma: Absolutely! Of course, marriage is beautiful, but being single is beautiful too. Apostle Paul even advised we don’t get married if we can. We have been commanded by our God to be fruitful from the very beginning. And the commandment to be fruitful is not hinged on the condition of marriage alone. As long we have breath, we are to work the work of our Father and be fruitful in it.

SFF Question: At what point did it dawn on you that one can be fruitful and fulfilled even before getting married?

Ifeoma: It was at the point I realized that singleness is not a curse, I used to think it was. There was a point in my life I actually thought it was a bad omen to be single, lol. Thanks to God, He changed my thought process.

SFF Question: How important is it to discover purpose and have a vision before getting married?

Ifeoma: What is a life without purpose like? Really what are you living for if purpose of existence isn’t known? It is important we discover purpose because it helps in our choice of a life partner. If you know what your purpose is, it will guide you to understand who you should marry and who you shouldn’t. You purpose is essentially what you live for and who you marry will be a determining factor as to if you will fulfil it or not. Knowing your purpose is critical because it helps one to make better choices.

SFF Question: Did you have any wedding plans for 2016 or desire to get married before end of 2016.

Ifeoma: Yes I did. I had a strong desire to get married in 2016.  When I was younger, 2016 was the year I wrote in my journal. We (my fiancé and I) even had a date set already for the event… Today, we are glad it didn’t work out because Lightbearers (our Singles’ Ministry) wouldn’t have come to life. I am really glad God didn’t work it just the way I planned it because every day I am realizing new areas of myself I need to work on.  Let me just say, I am going through the school of the Holy Spirit.

SFF Question: How can one differentiate between the desire and the desperation to be married?

Ifeoma: It’s very simple, a desire to be married comes naturally. You wish for marriage to happen or you want to get married. It’s a natural thing that comes from our inside.

On the other hand, desperation for marriage is a wish or want to get married at any cost. When one is desperate to get married you just want marriage no matter what it will cost.

SFF Question: What can a single do to become SFF?

Ifeoma: I will advise a single to understand that marriage is important and fulfilling purpose is important too. Most times we look forward to getting married so much that we forget that we have a reason and a purpose to live for. To be SFF you need to love the Lord with all your heart and spend quality time at his feet. Don’t be carried away with all the distractions the world has to offer you. Feed at the feet of Jesus at every opportunity you have.

Also learn to love yourself, it’s important you love yourself because you can only give what you have. If you love yourself then it’s easier to love others. One more thing, share the gift of your time with others. Help people in need and trust the Lord with all your heart.

SFF Question: What are the challenges you have faced on the journey to be SFF?

Ifeoma: For me it’s been a challenging journey, I coach people on relationships so sometimes people ask me “if you know this much why then are you still single?” Lol. The question gets me thinking sometimes but I remember God’s word to me and I let it pass.

SFF Question: Advice to anyone who think it is impossible to be SFF?

Ifeoma: Being SFF is possible, just reach out to your Father (pray). He has the road map for your life in his word (study it). He will give you all you need. Believe that his plans for you are for good and trust him totally.

SFF Bonus Question: What part of your lifestyle do you think will likely change after marriage?

Ifeoma: I know marriage will change a lot about me because I will certainly learn to combine family life with a whole lot of things. I will have time adjustments to make. You know when you are single sometimes you could tell yourself when you want to do some certain things and do it at that time so I believe marriage will make me drop the I DO IT AT MY OWN TIME attitude *laughs*. I am actually working on that now because I know I am preparing for the kind of wife I want to be. I am learning to do things at the right time and ditching procrastination.

Another aspect is the money aspect. I know I can’t just spend as I used to. You know I will consider some things before I do another impromptu shopping. I am working on that too. *smiles*

Whoops! Gabby thank you so much for this!

Your responses are a typical example of real people answering real questions about how they stay Fruitful and Fulfilled as Singles in spite of the numerous pressures from different angles of life. Particularly love this statement you made: “Most times we look forward to getting married so much that we forget that we have a reason and a purpose to live for. To be SFF you need to love the Lord with all your heart and spend quality time at his feet.” This is so true! No matter how much we desire to be SFF, we can’t do it on our own without the help of God because really our purpose and fruitfulness in that purpose is tied to Him.

Connect with Gabby: Facebook – Ekesiobi Gabriella Ifeoma, Instagram – @gabby_speaks,  Blog – www.gabbyspeaks.com

Your turn sweeties, what lessons did you pick from Ifeoma’s interview? Please share in the comment box let’s learn together.

Next Star Guest on the #SFF Series is Raymond Emamezi Okoro, the brain and muscles behind Rayem Sketch Graphics. Please keep a date with us next Thursday.

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PS: Because we cannot deny that no matter how hard we try, there are lil’ foxes that can prevent us from being #SFF, we have decided to have an exclusive #SFF Valentine Special Episode to discuss these vices and how to overcome them. Date is Tuesday, 14 February 2017 (aka Valentine’s day). Want to know who will handle this sizzling topic? Then keep a date with us next Thursday and find out!

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5 Replies to “#SFFSeries: Being Single Means Not Being Married And Having Enough Time For The Greatest Man In My Life – Gabbyspeaks”

    1. Thank you D’Dream!
      Glad you picked up some gems and Oh, the #SFF Series isn’t just for ladies. It sweeps across both genders. We’ve had guys answer these same questions with stunning insight on how practical it is for them too to live an #SFF life.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

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  1. Loving this series.. and tell me about 2016 marriage desire. .. we see more in hindsight and trust God’s ways when we finally see how He has set everything in place all for our lives.

    Cheers to walking in God’s purposes for our lives in single-hood and marriage when God takes us there…

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