Yipee! DistinguishedLives Is One!!!


Almost can’t believe it’s already one year I published my first blog post HERE. How the time flies, Phew!!!

Thank you WordPress for this reminder, I almost don’t believe it… I initially didn’t plan to do any blog post today but it’s my first ‘baby’s first anniversary aka one year blogging, and I can’t just let it slide😍😍😍😍😍

Looking back at where I started a year ago, I can’t help but acknowledge God’s overwhelming Grace and inspiration… When I was penning down the first blog post, I had no idea what the next or any other subsequent post would be. I had no articles stored anywhere pending publication, I just knew the time was ripe for me to start blogging and I took the first step of faith by writing Wake Up In The Morning on 4th January, 2016 – exactly a year ago. And today, we got 73 published blog posts! It can only be God!


Writing here has been therapeutic and has positively impacted my life in several ways, one of which is a sense of fulfillment (will do a short series on #LessonsFromBlogging soon). Without blogging, I doubt if I would have written this much in a whole year… I also doubt if I would have been able to reach and impact as much lives that the blog has reached and impacted in the past one year.


You my blogFam deserve the “Best BlogFam Award”!


Your feedback, prayers, likes, comments, shares and encouragement on and off the blog, despite my inconsistent postings is overwhelming!!! I couldn’t wish for any other e-family. Thanks for having my back and cheering me on. From the depth of my heart I say a big “THANK YOU” for staying with me this one year.

Special thanks to all members of TWTW Nigeria, twas during her first Meet that this long overdue dream was birthed. Special thanks too to the world’s Best Dad, Rev. Chris. Anoke. My dad hasn’t commented on the blog yet but he’s often the first to share on his Facebook and just hearing him say, “Chinyere, I am proud of you” cheers me on and motivates me to be more Excellent by the day.

Special thanks to my HOD Media, Sir Kunle Adewale (2015 Mandela Washington Fellow and 2016 Common Wealth Youth Worker Award Winner; intentionally put in all these awards).

Kunle Adewale

This great man was my number one social media campaigner; he openly celebrated and shared every post I wrote in the first quarter of last year, on all his social media platforms. Much love and respect Sir, your humility is legendary!

Special thanks to Chigozie Mbanefo, who became my ‘editor’ by not only reading and sharing my posts but dedicated his time to checking for errors – grammatical and otherwise and reporting same to me for corrections. I deeply appreciate you sir! Special thanks too to the young ‘Elder’ Adeyemi Adeyelu, your enormous support for the blog, offline and online are un-quantifiable. Your two guest posts are proof of this.

Special thanks to my sister Success Anoke, you owned my blog links by always displaying them as your bbm status. Special thanks too to IfyHalim and Donald who taught me how to use the “Read More” tag to prevent all post contents from spilling on the Home page.

Special thanks to my sister friends Itunu Taiwo, Frances Okoro, Mobolaji Olorisade, Tamie Abibio, Amuche Modesta and Goodness-Mercy Weme, your consistent support for the blog is unparalleled.


Finally, the biggest special thanks goes to anyone who has ever clicked to read, comment, like, share or talk about any article on this platform. You’re the reason I stay inspired to write more.

God bless y’all exceptionally for me. And May your lives never lack divine encouragement, inspiration and support.

Happy Fruitful and Fulfilling 2017!

PS: The SFF Series still comes up tomorrow 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂.

Much Love,



10 Replies to “Yipee! DistinguishedLives Is One!!!”

  1. I don’t know why I’m just getting to this. But I saw this when posted and thought of how far you’ve come!
    I remember how you shared your dreams for the blog when we first met and how we helped each other figure somethings out in wordpress.

    I might not always comment, but just know I read when I can and am super proud of you always!
    God blesssssss. Muah.


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