Define Your Busy (2)

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“If you don’t rightly define your busy, you’ll be unable to successfully show up for life when it requires you to do so.” – ©ChinyereDistinguished.

We started this interesting discussion on “Define Your Busy” last e-Boost. (Please read about it HERE so we can flow better, thankyu 🙂😊 ).

Everyone or at least most people are busy with one thing or more. And those who aren’t, still think it supercool to be among the ‘busy class’ who say “I’m so Busy and swamped with lots of engagements”. Trust me, I’ve said those same words more times than I can remember… But truth is, not all ‘Busy’ is worth your time. I particularly love how Mobolaji succinctly put it in her apt comment. She said:

“God help us to know the difference between activity and productivity…”  This best explains all I was trying to say with the quote: “If you don’t rightly define your busy, you’ll be unable to successfully show up for life when it requires you to do so.”

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Busyness/activity, is not synonymous with productivity… So check: Is this busyness, these activities that take up my time, making me productive?

Because being busy takes a huge chunk of your most valuable and irretrievable resource – time, it is expedient that you, I and we all define our busy. Doing the above check and giving yourself an honest answer is the first tip/step to defining your busy.

We ended last e-Boost with these three questions:

– What does busy mean to you?

– How busy are you?

What are you busy with?

And I promised to share tips on How to Define Your Busy from what I’ve learnt so far from my personal experience. So here we go:

  1. The first step to defining your busy is to sincerely answer the 3 questions above. The answers will help you put your numerous activities in the right perspective and also help you do the required check above. If you can tell yourself truth about the 3 questions above then you’re more than half-way gone in defining your busy.
  2. Prioritize and prioritize right. While answering question 1 above, I wrote, “Busy for me means working hard and giving substantial attention to my numerous tasks and responsibilities which include office assigned, church assigned, friend assigned, and self-assigned tasks… And sometimes, miscellaneously assigned tasks (for want of a better word, lol).”
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Different tasks, engagements and activities compete for our attention daily, and if we don’t prioritize right, knowing which to do now and which to leave for later; knowing which is needful and which isn’t; knowing which is productive and which is mere activity, we’ll get flustered by these numerous tasks from several quarters.

In prioritizing your tasks, know which tasks are legitimately necessary and which aren’t. For me, important/priority tasks include tasks from the office, which I’m paid to do; tasks from house or church which are my responsibilities and service to God respectively; self-assigned tasks which are my personal goals and plans, etc. On the other hand, tasks of less priority include impromptu requests and favor tasks from friends, colleagues, etc. please don’t get me wrong, I’m not in any way saying/suggesting we shouldn’t make sacrifices of our time in helping friends and loved ones, what I’m saying is wisdom is profitable to direct on which task to accept, which to decline and which to postpone to a later date.

  1. Sometimes, saying ‘No’ is wisdom. In answering question 3 above, I realized that I was spending more time on miscellaneously assigned tasks (which aren’t in the original plan) than on tasks that should have a higher priority. The saying, “if you don’t have plans, those who do will use you to achieve theirs” is so true!

My reflection revealed that though I have enough on my plate already, what made me increasingly busy recently was taking on more than my plate could carry by accepting to be of a little help here and there. For instance, I could be working on some office assigned task and a friend calls and request I help him/her do some research on some term paper topic or assignment and then gives me some deadline to kindly revert. I say okay and squeeze said task into my schedule. Note that before he/she called, I had some already pre-scheduled tasks for my day/week but I said yes, so his/her deadline becomes my deadline and I postpone my original plan…These minor requests here and there subtly stole little pockets and snippets of my time and before I knew it, they cumulated into a huge mass of irretrievable spent time. The result – I became pressed for time and didn’t meet up with pre-set deadline for more important tasks.

In defining your busy, learning to say ‘No’ to some requests is not just common sense, it is wisdom. So if when answering question 3 above, you realize you’re more busy with helping others achieve their goals and continually have to relegate your more important tasks like office assigned and personal tasks to the background, then you need to learn how to say ‘no’ when necessary.

And this is where we draw the curtains on “Defining Your Busy”. I don’t know it all and I really look forward to learning what tips you use in Defining Your Busy, please share in the comment box.

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  1. It’s the last week in November which means 2016 is almost over. What are you thankful for? We had a weekend thanksgiving post here, please read and share your testimony too.
  2. I’m real sorry the “Unheard Story” series didn’t resume last week as promised, had some issues which is resolved now. Next #UnheardStory will be up on Friday, please stay tuned.


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3 Replies to “Define Your Busy (2)”

  1. Nice write up on being BUSY, which demands ‘correct’ reflection’. #JUSTTHINKING… Anybody can be busy unconsciously doing nothing, or intentionally doing something. What really makes ‘ur doings’ count is BE REASONABLY PURPOSEFUL in all you do.

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