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We may be swamped and pressed on all sides by several tasks and engagements, but truth is, we always make room, create time for what is or rather, what we consider more important. – ©ChinyereDistinguished.

Good morning lovelies, what’s gwan?
I know, I know… it’s been a while I showed up here, but I’ve been showing up on my social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter mostly (please let’s connect already! Facebook/Instagram – @ ChinyereDistinguished; Twitter – @CDistinguished).

If you’re not yet active on any social media platform, you really need to reconsider that… A lot of good opportunities abound on these platforms for every area of your life – career, academics, salvation, personal development, etc. And just to drive the point home, our next CEO Memoir is on “Building Your Brand Through Your Social Media Platforms.”

Like the sound of that? Then stay tuned to the blog, it’s coming up sooner than you think.

Today, I have some amazing blog news to share with y’all. I may not have posted here in the past week but it’s part of the plan in the scheme of things for the blog… Working behind the screen but twill all be in front of the screen soonest.

News 1: The Unheard Story series will resume next week. Would you like to share your inspiring #UnheardStory with us, please read the requirements HERE.

News 2: There will be an interesting series for the Christmas period on the blog. It’s tagline is “Another Christmas and I’m still single”…
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News 3: My Love Diaries and other interesting stories.
Some have asked why I don’t write love stories on the blog and I’ve answered that it’s not my strong point. But I have an adorable friend God has gifted richly in this area. Her blog and stories have blessed me immensely on all fronts beyond love and relationship issues. And yes, she is one of my blog mentors… you should check her works out at

More precisely, here are two links to two love stories that will change your life on all fronts for good:
a. Beautiful Wings
b. My Love Diaries
Don’t worry, your blessing is my thank you.

News 4: Christmas giveaway, yaay!
December is almost here and Christmas is coming with it… will we have Christmas giveaways on the blog? stay tuned to find out…

Finally, on to today’s topic – why are we all, or the most of us, so busy?

A lot of times, we make plans but are unable to follow through with them… not because we don’t want to but more because we often find ourselves too busy to follow through with initial plans. Sometimes, we postpone some meetings, activities or engagements cause of a tight schedule. (… using the word ‘we’ because Yours Sincerely is guilty as well.)

Today is 16th November already and despite my pledge to show up for November on all fronts, I still find myself not making an appearance in some areas just yet. And this is not because I’ve been lazy or eating the bread of idleness, far from it!

Somethings just fall into the cliché ‘circumstances beyond my control’… I find myself busy with lots of ‘important’ things and 24 hours now seems too small and insufficient for each day #sigh.

In the past few weeks, I’ve found myself staying awake almost all night just to meet up with some official and personal tasks, yet it appears I’m not making much headway… Yeah, I know it sounds cool to say “I’m busy” or “my days are all booked till middle of next year”. But daily, it’s impressed on me more that not all busy is worth it… So I had to sit me down and ask, “Chinyere, you’ve been and are still so busy… Busy with what exactly – things within the plan or things outside the original plan?”

Still don’t have all the answers figured out yet… but I’ve realized that I’ll remain perpetually busy if I don’t Define My Busy. And that’s what inspired today’s post. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

The dictionary defines Busy like this:
“if you are busy, you are working hard, or giving your attention to a particular thing.
in a busy period, you have a lot of things to do.”

While defines Busy as:
– Having a great deal to do
– Excessively detailed or decorated
– Keep oneself occupied.
– To make the time pass by doing something.

Which of the above definitions of busy defines your busy?
Mine is Having a great deal to do…

It’s pretty difficult to meet anyone who is not busy with one thing or the other, including those who are busy doing nothing. But a more close look will reveal some areas where better priotization can be applied to help our matter.

We may be swamped and pressed on all sides by several tasks and engagements, but truth is, we always make room, create time for what is or rather, what we consider more important…

Flash back to when we discussed “Managing Relationships: How Busy Are You Really?”

Today’s post is just an introduction to the topic – Define Your Busy. Will share tips on what I’ve learnt so far on how to Define Your Busy in next e-Boost. In the meantime, here are three questions that can help you Define Your Busy – What does busy mean to you? How busy are you? and What are you busy with?

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Will end today’s post with a quote I coined while pondering on this matter:

“If you don’t rightly define your busy, you’ll be unable to successfully show up for life when it requires you to do so.” – ©ChinyereDistinguished

Wishing y’all a super e-Boosted Midweek.

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2017 Day Planner

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Unlike a regular diary that is generic, The Day Planner is specific and performance focused. Key features are:
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2- To Email
3- To Write
4- To Follow Up
5- Other must do
6- “Daily Reflection” (practical motivational tips on career and business growth).
It also has financial planning features:

7- Money Spent today
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The Day Planner also comes with “Monthly Target Setting” and “Month End Performance Review” section.

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A copy is N3, 000 and I am offering a 10% discount to anyone who orders and pays before 30th November 2016.
Do holla in the comment box if you’ll like a copy or more.

Cheers again, Xo.


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  1. ’24 hours now seems small’- we are definitely in the same boat here. Just like Bolaji said we need to know the difference between activity and productivity and that can only hapeen when we rightly define our busy.

    Thanks for sharing. Sure by now the next post would be up

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