Monday e-Boost: Birthday Post

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Still wondering if there’s a different feeling when one wakes up on her birthday but I woke up like this – grateful and thankful!

Feeling so happy and blessed to be alive to see another dawn of my years on earth. Ko easy, and it is neither by my power nor might so what can I say or do but Thank Baba God!?!!!

To commemorate my birthday, I’ll like to share a few random things about me.

9 shades of me
  1. Name: Most people have asked if Distinguished is my real name. Well, I don’t have any fake names. So the answer is yes it is my real name.

To make it clearer though… It isn’t one of my parents’ given names. I come from this ‘supercool’ family where my parents let you choose a name for yourself at any age you want. They won’t address you by that name though, hehe. Some of such names in my family include: Prestige (my elder brother), Chukwudumebi (my immediate elder sis), Distinguished (my humble self).

Well, some people have argued that it is a nickname but I beg to disagree. A thing is what you call it so Distinguished is my name and I’m already taking steps to append it to my official documents… So my full names are Chinyere Lydia Distinguished Anoke.

  1. Greatest Treasure: My salvation and personal relationship with Christ. Practically lose my sanity, peace and joy when I don’t make time for our tete a tete…
  2. Favourite Food: Used to be beans and plantain but steadily graduating to boli and pepper sauce with pomo (I know pomo has no nutritional value but mehn, I just enjoy eating it… it has some good tastical value, lol)
  3. Favourite Colour: Green, followed by red, and black.
  4. Favourite Pass Time: Reading interesting, educative books/articles.
  5. Favourite Time Of The Day: Midnight, when most people are sleeping. There’s a tranquillity and clarity that comes with the early hours of a new day.
  6. Favourite Quote: “To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there” – Kofi Annan
  7. Favorite Hairstyle: Kinky braids. For some reasons me love me some kinky braids… it’s beautiful, durable and flexible to style. Tis quite easy to find several pics of me – personal or group, in kinky braids. It’s even the current hair I’m wearing.
  8. Most Valued Resource: My time.
  9. Favorite Prayer: “Thank you Jesus” and “Lord help me”


… Honestly, I lack the right words to express my gratitude and appreciation for anyone, everyone who has reached out one way or the other to celebrate me via any media/platform. I’m indeed overwhelmed by your prayers, good wishes and show of love. “Thank You” may not be adequate but maybe, saying it in multiple languages will work, hehehe.

Photo Credit: OmogeMuRa

May my God Himself bless you adequately and cause you to be celebrated on all fronts.

Much Love,



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