Book Review: Letters To Our Fathers


“So I read this book and I was almost in tears. I wish I had the power to raise the dead and give my dad this book to read. Daddy loved me (I know he did) but his ego kept him from expressing it by saying common “I love you.” All through his lifetime, he never said those words to me and it affected me a whole lot. Amazing how little things mean so much right?…

My people, this is a book everyone who is a parent or wants to be one (especially fathers who have daughters) needs to read oh… Having a great nation begins with having a great family. We should not make the mistakes our parents made.

I must commend the divine wisdom God has given you, Mobolaji. Thank you for shining the light.” – Opetunde Adepoju


Lemme backtrack a bit for the benefit of those who haven’t heard about #LettersToOurFathers yet… Last Friday, I extended a special invite to everyone on the blog to attend Mobolaji’s Book launch for “LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS”

Thanks to everyone who honored my invite and attended. More importantly, thanks to everyone that prayed for its success; God answered! It was a HUGE HUGE Success!!!

Nothing spoil if you’re just hearing ‘bout it for the first time, you’re still very early to the party. The Book launch was just an unveiling of one of God’s tools for restoring Fatherhood and families to His original plan. In Frances’ own words:

“God has given Mobolaji Olorisade a book to restore Fatherhood back to the way God intended it to be. “Letters To Our Fathers” is simply God’s heart laid bare for us to see.” – Frances Okoro,

I talked a bit about the pre-release and you can download your free pre-release of this Best Selling book everyone is talking about here.

More importantly, you can now have and read the full book at your leisure. Pick up contacts are available in the following cities: Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Akure.

Call the numbers on the pictures to know how to get yours.

You can also buy bulk copies to give to your fathers, brothers, neighbors, customers, colleagues, etc.

To buy bulk copies, please send a mail to and get as high as 20-30% discount.


The core aim really is to get as many men as possible to read LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS. We have so many women ministries and it’s time to target our men too. The devil will not prevail over them! (Did I hear an Amen?)

Still wondering if you or someone you know needs this book? This review by Tanit’Oluwa Soneye should convince you.

“The book “Letters To Our Fathers” is written for fathers (and everyone) to understand the importance of having a good relationship with their daughters. This book consists of real life scenarios where daughters wrote letters to their fathers, telling them what they think about them.

It is divided into five chapters, which have different themes and storylines. For instance, the first chapter has the title “You’re My Hero” and the letters in that chapter talked about how the daughters saw their fathers as champions… It guides you on several ways one can be a better father and how to learn from one’s mistakes.

At the end of each chapter, the author asks the reader questions on his/her thoughts about the letter. Lessons are learned, faults are realized and the author discusses briefly what the Father might have done better.

The letters in this book are very relatable to practical situations, which happen in the contemporary world we live in today. The author has a simple, easy to understand style of writing and she is very expressive and narrative. These two factors make this book a great read.

If you are a young father or a young man, who intends to start a family someday, I encourage you to read this book. Not only would you learn life lessons about fatherhood, you would also get to read about and learn from the mistakes some Fathers in these letters made, so as not to repeat it when you have daughters of you own.

In fact, this book should be read by anyone who wants to build a better family system.” – Tanit’Oluwa Soneye, Elevated Sight Magazine

I really hope this convinces you to get a copy for yourself and for your loved ones too. Thanks for choosing to be an instrument through which better families can be created.


Call +234 802 584 3223 if you’re in Ibadan

Call +234 810 180 1287 if you’re in Akure

Call +234 815 527 6897 if you’re in Lagos

Call +234 814 509 4136 if you’re in Abuja

Download pre-release PDF in less than 3 minutes.

PS: It’s a new month tomorrow and it’s also Nigeria’s Independence celebration. Please don’t relent in praying for our dear country – leaders and all, God listens and He answers.

Happy New Month in advance



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