Fathers And Daughters




I love my dad. And of course, I love my mum too.

Growing up, I realized I wasn’t the only girl who had/has more affinity for her dad than for her mum. I mean, my mum’s love, teachings and instructions sure helped in molding the lady I am today but my life would have been imbalanced or turned out differently if my dad didn’t add his voice to correct/rebuke us when we erred.

Fathers and mothers are both critically important in the lives of their off springs and this post is certainly not a debate on who is more important… It’ll rather be focusing more on the unique relationship between fathers and their daughters.

A father’s affirmation and compliment means more to the girl child than that of her mother… It is just a natural something world over, for girls to be more attached to their dads. The reverse is also true – guys are more attached to their mums. Which is why it is more common to hear the phrases “mummy’s boy” and “daddy’s girl”. There are exception scenarios though.

Having a good relationship with my dad helped me on several fronts, particularly, in my salvation story. Asides being born a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and having the church as our second home, believing that God exists and is a good father would have been difficult to accept if my dad was a good example of a bad father, irrespective of what any preacher said. We sure don’t have the perfect father-daughter relationship (we fell and still fall out on some days, hehehehe) but we certainly have a friendship I’d like my girls to have with their dad too.

You don’t have to look far to see a lot of dysfunctional girls/ladies who their issues can be traced to poor fatherhood or an inexistent father-daughter relationship. Some have entered wrong and hurtful relationships in search of the father figure…

There is often a communication gap between children and their parents. Most teenagers and young adults, often wish there are things they can/could have boldly told their parents, especially fathers, to make for a better relationship between them. Fortunately, God inspired my friend Mobolaji Olorisade and she has written a book that addresses the relationship/communication gap between fathers and their daughters..


LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS is a book every parent, not just fathers, or intending parent should read. And also keep in the family library for their children and generations to come to read.

I read a letter contained in the pre-release of the book – TOYOSI OLAJIDE’s letter to her good dad gone bad, and it reminded me of the much we ‘kids’ know about our parents relationship even when they assume we see and know very little. I learnt several lessons from Toyosi’s letter to her dad and it made me wonder what my kids would write about me, or their dad in future.

LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS contains 10 non-fiction letters, written by daughters to their fathers to express their thoughts towards their fathers and the relationships they have or wish they had with them.

The official book launch is this Saturday, 24th September, 2016. And here’s me specially inviting you to this event that will make your month and leave an indelible impact in your life.


Here’s an excerpt from Mobolaji’s special invite:

Mother Theresa said – “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

Are we loving our families enough? Are we better to the world than we are at home?

In my book – LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS, you’d get to know what 10 daughters think about their dads. You might laugh, smile or cry while reading few of them; but my hope is that when you read all; you’d be inspired to be more deliberate about your home- even if you’re not a Father.

On the 24th, you’d be able to hold (and smell) this book I’ve been talking about for a while. I can’t wait to meet you at the Launch! It really is #MoreThanABookLaunch.

It’s going to be a reset for people who attend. It’s going to be unconventional and you’d leave feeling better than you came. You would connect and meet others just like you who want and thrive for wholesome lives – and together these relationships can pave way to greater works and BETTER FAMILIES.

The guest list… People you’d definitely want to see and speak with. You don’t have to feel left out.

You’re invited.

See you there!

Love always,

And here’s some awesome review from Aunty Salt of The Salt Chronicles:

I have read one of the “letters”.

My goodness! I was stunned, pained and excited all at once ‘cos while painful to read, I knew this book will help this world. Help men. Fathers. Dads.

All Dads should read this book but more importantly All men planning to be Dads should read this book.

So you don’t commit the sins of our fathers.


The book launch is just 4 days away. Venue is No. 3 Olaiya Street off Governor’s Avenue, Alausa, Ikeja Lagos. Time is 1 pm prompt.

Sweetie, if you are in Lagos, I would want you to put this special event on your calendar and ATTEND.

Date again is this Saturday, 24 September at 1pm prompt.

Please say hi if you see either of us.

Much Love,


PS: I know I’ve not been posting as frequently as I used to. We got tighter schedules at the offices to meet up with pressing projects that we’re lagging behind scheduled deadlines. So blogging kinda takes a backseat for now. But I’m still here and putting bits and pieces together whenever I can.

My social platforms are still buzzing though, so please let’s connect on Twitter (@Anoke_DC), Facebook (ChinyereDistingished Anoke) and Instagram (@chinyeredistinguished).

Also say hello in the comment box if you read to the end, hehe.

Thanks for being part of my e-family.

Have the most amazing rest of week.


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