7 Tips To Having The Month Of Your Dreams


September is young… today is just the 5th so we still got 25 more days to create a memorable September we can make reference to, several years from now. That said, Happy New Month BlogFam! (I know today is 5th already, but it’s our first ‘meet’ this month so new month greetings are still valid, I hope…)

I can almost still hear the echoes of “Happy New Year” to 2016, but eight months of it have come and gone already. And today, we’re in September, the 9th month and the first month in the last 1/3 of the year…

So bros, sis, how far have you come on Projects 2016? You may not have accomplished half the goals for the year, it happens… I just finished one of my August goals this morning.

Having the month of your dreams doesn’t mean you get to check every goal/plan by month end. It means you get to end the month with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. You may not have experienced that so far in the year but hey, you can start with September – create the month of your dreams and end the year on a Fruitful and Fulfilled note. These tips will help you get started:

1.Have goal(s) you want to achieve by month end – The importance of having a goal/plan cannot be overemphasized. Really, how can one gauge achievements or otherwise without a pre-set goal/plan? A popular adage says: “he that fails to plan is only planning to fail” so true!

A good way to start is by having a plan for each day – who to call, text, email; projects to attend to, etc. One of my mentors, Mr. Abioye Oke recently gifted me with a Daily Planner and it’s been very helpful.

(Please send a mail to chinyeredistiguished@gmail.com if you’d like a copy or want a customized 2017 Daily Planner designed for you or your company/organization).

  1. Be Intentional about your goals/plan – As already established when we discussed extensively on “How To Live Life More Intentionally”, it is not enough to have intents/goals/plans if you don’t consciously and intentionally follow up on them. Please read the article on Being Intentional for more details.
  1. Don’t be envious of anyone – ditch the competition drama. In this day and age, thanks to the social media, it is very easy to become envious and/or subconsciously compare your life with that of past colleagues or current contemporaries. But that can only take roots if you have an unhealthy self-esteem or easily get distracted by other people’s progress instead of focusing and staying on your lane. Please guard your heart with all diligence! (Proverbs 4:23)
  1. Mind your own business – Oh, the precious time you waste, prying, poking, snooping or gisting about another person’s business, family, relationship, dress sense, attitude or whatever can be invested in building the business of your dreams. And guess what? You’ll be paid in cash and kind for investing your time wisely. This month, don’t entertain those avoidable distractions. Love the way 1 Thessalonians 4:11 puts it: “Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before.” (NLT)
  1. Be Content – Being Content is a phrase that is absent in a lot of people’s dictionary, please don’t join them. To be ambitious is good but an ambitious heart with no room for contentment will ultimately lead to greed, covetousness and so many other vices. Being content helps us keep goals in perspective, and it stems from a heart of gratitude for ‘little’ and ‘not so little mercies’. Contentment and gratitude are attitudes that can take any one very far, leading to a life of fulfillment. Check 1 Timothy 6:6 – But godliness with contentment is great gain (NIV).
  1. Learn to Say NO – Seriously, you don’t need to oblige every request or attend every event. Learn to say NO when necessary and stop living your life to suit everybody. A wise someone said “I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”- Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Quote

  1. Spend your money according to your budget – A lot of people have gone bankrupt or put themselves in serious debts because they’re trying to appear rich or keep up with a certain ‘standard’ that is way off their income level. Seriously who are you trying to impress or deceive by hanging your bag beyond where your hand can comfortably reach it? Please don’t get carried away by the numerous photo editing apps that make things appear more glamorous than they actually are. You don’t need to break the bank to appear like you belong, when you know you still struggling to eat 2 square meals per day. Learn from my brother Mark Zuckerberg, you see how he comfortably tours the world with his Tee and jeans… Bros, sis, it’s you that defines the worth of a cloth/accessory, not the other way round. And this doesn’t just apply to what you put on.

Finally, ditch the excuses… Saw this on @adossai’s ig handle yesterday and couldn’t resist sharing.


The blame game is the easiest to join but it is also the least fulfilling. If you want to have the month and even year of your dreams, take concrete steps this month to ditch the excuses and be an asset, rather than a liability. We’ve blamed the government, environment and culture for too long. Now is time to take responsibility and make someone else’s day, month and year.

This thought provoking poem by my friend Perfect Onwuachu drives the point home:.

A little lack of connection

Has created quite a large misdirection

We build families based on calculation

Not considering love and affection

Arming kids with hate and confusion

We’ve bottled so much desperation

Makes me wonder what’s the destination

If we continue in the same direction


People want love

And peace like the dove above

But no one considers the next man

Who sleeps and eats from the dust can

We rather call out the government to give ’em homeless people a ban


All in the name of creating a safe society

Yet we lack the sanity

To pursue purposes that help humanity

Right now, what everyone cares about is popularity

No space no effort to build some familiarity


Our world is buried in social networks

Yet there haven’t been more break ups

In relationships and friendships

Makes you wonder if this ain’t antisocial frameworks


They call our photos selfies

Because all it makes us is selfish

Buried in a world of our own

We lose sight of people in our own world

We lack tolerance to live with each other

Yet we can’t live with ourselves

‘Cos all along we’ve been creating someone else

In order to please all else.

————–– PerfectWrights


Perfect, the great poet


So, if you want the month of your dreams, you have to first ditch excuses and Be an asset. A blessing and not a burden. Guess you already know you don’t have to have billions before you can impart positively on another’s life.

Wishing y’all a Fulfilled September of your dreams. Please share your thoughts in the comment box and also share post with the share buttons below.

Much Love,



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