This. That… and Life Lately


Okay, on Monday I promised to give y’all full gist of why I’ve been MIA.

In simple words, it’s because I was forced on an impromptu internet and social media fast by my phone.

You never really know how addicted you are to your phone/device till it has an issue and you can’t use it as smoothly as you used to.

I like to think of maself as one who isn’t that attached to her phone, you know I like to tell maself I can easily go a day or more without checking my phone, which in practice is RARE! Since I fell in love with my Word and Docs To Go, I hardly scribble on hard paper ‘cos it’s more convenient to type in my phone when I wake with a burst of idea without looking for light and pen and paper… God bless technology, really saves time and energy.

Like most people, I have more than 1 phone – 2 actually. My Nokia torch and my BlackBerry.

The Nokia is nothing fancy, no internet access, strictly for calls and smses, even the message storage capacity is small. Have to delete existing messages almost on a daily basis before new ones can come in #sign. But I love me my Nokia Torch, its super dependable in terms of battery life and is a serious akwa akwuru and akpo aza (resilient) irrespective of the number of times it has fallen and scattered. Have had it for almost 3 years now (twas one of my 2013 Christmas gifts from a friend).

My BlackBerry on the other hand is my mobile office – my writing pad/journal, eBook library, music library, photo album, emails and social media hub, internet hotspot for my laptop, etc. Tis literary my outing, office and bedside companion. Even though I can’t publish/edit blog posts with it, most of my articles and drafts are written with it… so I felt pretty handicapped and had a minor depression when it packed up some weeks ago.

Initially, it would act up and return to normalcy after some hours… started with my whatsapp (where most of my conversations – official and otherwise, are stored) misbehaving. It got so bad, I had to delete the existing version and install a new one. Unfortunately, the new version couldn’t restore my chat history (said twas corrupt) so I lost all previous conversations including some precious interview in voice note format. It disorganized me on several fronts and I literary cried. But life moved on…

Comforted maself with the nice thought that I’ll be getting a new phone soon enough (a friend had promised to get me a new phone, so I was hopeful). Remember I complained about my laptop having some issues here, lappy was fine now but phone decided to take over by upping its misbehavior… Woke up on Saturday and discovered phone had become smarter than it was when I went to bed, lol.

Phone was tweeting and mentioning people on my behalf, editing contacts, reading chats, adding people to groups and doing other funny unfunny stuffs on its own accord. Guess twas a virus attack so turned it off to reset the brain, which always worked before but this time the scoin scoin persisted whenever I turned it back on #sighagain.

There you have it, the full gist of my impromptu blog/social media fast. But life lately won’t be complete if I don’t share lessons learnt from this experience…

I’m often pretty occupied with office work during the day but love to retire to my phone at night. Read and reply chats that pile up during the day, facebook, read some articles online, write any ideas or inspiration that come to mind, listen to music, etc. So life without my phone albeit temporarily felt like a deep loss. I became semi-depressed, lol. But it made me pay better attention to things I’d been ignoring…

Lesson 1: Losing my phone made me to have more time to gist with my big sis and it was actually fun. Before then, I gave her half-hearted attention when she comes back from work and wants to talk about her day. My half-hearted attention was basically to fulfill all righteousness and not appear rude but my frequent ‘eeh’, ‘you say’, ‘sorry’, often gave me out and made her give up after severally repeating herself with me still being absent minded.

Faulty phone created time for us to gist, reminisce old times, share individual plans and challenges… plenty things o and it actually made me realize how much I’d missed having tete a tete with my sis. Even though we lived in the same house, I paid more attention to my online friends #coversface

Please create and give your loved ones quality time; your undivided attention is priceless.

Lesson 2: Losing my phone made me sleep better.

Sleep dey my eye

You know those times you’re feeling really sleepy but you can’t just drop your phone and shut your eyes. Not having the distraction of a smart phone actually made me sleep earlier and better.

Lesson 3: Okay, dunno if to call this a lesson, but I actually ate/indulged more in food this period to distract me and I put on some extra kg and I’m liking it. Lost weight last month when I was ill so I’m glad to have them back, heheheh.

Lesson 4: Being offline helps you know who cares enough to notice your absence off the online space, especially if you’re active on some platforms and group chats. Such check-up calls, smses and chats, help you feel special and know you have people who really care for you. Special thanks to Goodness, Tamie, AmakaMedia, Frances, Bookie, Duby, Destinee and Ruthie for checking up on me. You guys rock, you’re the reason I stayed sane through my brief semi-bouts of depression.

Finally, things won’t always work out how and when you planned/imagined it but all in all choose to trust God and be joyful. I still don’t have my new phone… It hasn’t come as soon as I anticipated but I have learnt to cherish every moment and be joyful on and off the online space. ‘Cause it’s pretty easy to hide behind any screen and act all happy and cheerful while in real life you’re sad and depressed.

Glad to be back online, grateful to reconnect with friends especially Aunty Salt Talks and the ladies at the well, you my blog family… always grateful for the internet.

For your weekend delight, will leave y’all with this beautiful song by Laureen Diagle (introduced to me by Aunty Salt)

Trust In You – Lauren Daigle (Just click on the title to watch/listen)

Lauren Daigle

Wishing y’all a beautiful and swell weekend. Don’t forget to share and make someone’s weekend too.

Much love



6 Replies to “This. That… and Life Lately”

  1. Welcome back Hunny!

    I went off voluntarily too- and I can relate with that sleep part. So true!
    All lessons are valid too. Many times we lose touch of those around us because we’re so focused on the e-world.

    Anyway, welcome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hey bebe!
    Welcome back, new phone’s coming!

    I ALWAYS get a breath of fresh air when I run off the internet…mhen, its a different great world!

    I do it now even with my phone, lately, I go off for hours, especially in the morning. soooo sweet!lol

    That said, we are sooo glad to hace you back.

    *kiss kiss*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s good to have you back hun.
    Before,i used to do that a lot. That’s going offline voluntarily. I haven’t done that in a while. Well, except morning hours when I don’t rush to put on my data. I should pick it up again
    And your lessons are valid. Even the food indulgence. Lol

    Oh my I love Lauren! For now my fav of her songs is First.

    Liked by 1 person

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