Keep the Spark Alive!


this little light of mine.

I’m gonna let it shine!

I know I’ve been missing in action these past weeks… it’s not intentional and I have the cliche’ ‘circumstances beyond my control’ to blame. Full gist will come later but in the mean time, please bear with me darlings.

For today’s E-Boost, I choose to share this amazing inspiring post from SallyPorte titled “Keep The Spark Alive!”

We all have something unique and special that distinguishes us from others… and it’s sometimes a ray of hope for others . Don’t hide or shut it down. Let your light shine, no matter how small it is, it will certainly brighten up some paths.

Please read, learn and share your thoughts in the comment box.
Wishing y’all a bright and beautiful rest of week.

Much Love,


A flower is distinguished with its color and fragrance, a car is distinguished with the Horsepower it has, a simple mobile phone is distinguished with the inside processor it has.

Am I making some point here??

It’s all about what is inside you that defines you that distinguish you from the rest and make you the best!

Life is like a plate with many bowls of different dishes. We call it Thali in India. When a group of people go to a restaurant to eat the same Thali, each one will start with eating different dish…as per his / her choice. Is not life sometimes quite similar to this elementary example…? We may start to eat with different dish but at the end all our plate will be empty and our stomach full (won’t work with everyone though).

We make so many decisions in life some planned some unplanned, not all…

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