TWTW: About The Last Meet

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We had such an amazing time on Saturday at TWTW’s fourth meet… God was just so awesome… poured out into us all the way. I still can’t get around to writing about the day/sharing pictures just yet but I just want to publicly roll out my thanks to our amazing ladies! And our ama-mazing guest minister Aunty Salt!”

That was our convener, Frances Okoro’s first post on the last TWTW Meet which held last Saturday, 30 July, at the Lekki Conservation. (If you’re lost on what TWTW and Last Meet means, please click here).

On Monday, I promised to give you gist and deets of the last TWTW Meet; I hope the following pictures and testimonials give you an insight of the joy and fun we experienced. Also, video of Aunty Salt speaking to us (especially for people like me who couldn’t attend #coversface) will be up on TWTW Youtube channel soonest. Please seat back; sip your favorite drink and Enjoy!

My! Oh my! Today’s meet was so great! That prayer Frances led just keeps ringing in my heart – Faith Ukpai

Hi ladies, it was nice to see y’all today and today’s meeting was more than worth my time – TiOluwaNimi

Hi everyone. I’m excited to be here. I had a great time on Saturday. – Emmanuella Oruche

Pictures would not be enough to say EVERYTHING we felt, said and experienced on our 4th TWTW Meet! It was . . . (still waiting on the Holy Spirit for the right word mehn!) 😊😳😬😂😍😁😇😘🙌🏾👏🏾👍🏾💃🏾 – AmakaMedia

TWTW is blessed with a lot of ama-amazing bloggers and a couple of them already blogged on the day. So I’ll just give excerpts from their posts and you’ll go read the rest of the story from their blogs… tanchu

Typearls of The event doubled as a bible study meeting and tourist visit… It was such an insightful experience… a day of spiritual upliftment. I was so glad I didn’t miss the event for anything in the world. (Please read the complete post here)

Bolaji of Aunty Salt said –

  • Stay in your position, practice well with Jesus.
  • Get your relationship with God tight. It’s in the middle of God’s will that He’d find you.
  • You’re already complete as a single.
  • Going into marriage God’s way is like the way Jesus went to the cross – READY!
  • You’re created to be a plus to a man, not a minus.
  • If you do a pie-chart of you life today, what’s God’s slice? (This wowed me.)
  • Sometimes you think your time is going, but God is helping you and preparing you because you can’t go into marriage the way you are. (MY BEST POINT)

 #Deep! Please read the complete post here


Aunty Salt and Frances

To crown it, our guest minister, Mrs. Bola Essein Nelson aka Aunty Salt’s, dedicated a special blog post to all The Women at The Well 💃💃💃💃💃

Dedicated to every single woman at the well, many times, I blog about events in my life that I want to always remember. This is one of those times… If I had to capture my experience that day in one word, it would be ‘Adventure’… The rest of the post is here

And here’s some goodnews to all married ladies who also desire to be filled in and with Jesus, TWTW is expanding to accommodate us all – the singles and the married. Plus one of us recently graduated from single to married.💃💃💃💃💃


And for those – single and married, who desire to attend the next TWTWMeet #drumrolls! you can save the date already – Saturday, 26 November 2016. The day doubles as our one year anniversary!!!


To get all TWTW gists as soon as soon as they drop, please follow The Women At The Well (TWTW) on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: @TWTWNigeria



Wishing y’all an ama-amazing weekend.

Much Love



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