Counting My Mid-Year Blessings



Don’t look too far to see how good He is, Just look at me… See how He turned my life around, made me a shining light His glory to reveal

Now we’re here, looking back on where we come from. Because of you and nothing we’ve got to deserve the love and mercy you’ve shown. But your grace was strong enough to pick us up. And you made a way. When our backs were against the wall and it looked as if it was over. You made a way, and we’re standing here Only because You made a way

The above lyrics from Nathaniel Bassey’s “This God is Too Good” and Travis Greene’s “Made a Way” respectively are my testimony (you can get the full lyrics of the songs here).

Wanted to post this yesterday but decided to do so today to commemorate my one year post-NYSC anniversary. I refuse to take it for granted that barely one year after my NYSC, I already have a paid job, the second one at that.

Exactly a year ago (2 July 2015) when we were given our NYSC discharge certificates that signaled the end of our service year, I had no idea what life after NYSC would be like. Of course, I’d already started submitting my CV to some organizations but I also knew a lot of post-NYSC graduates who were jobless several years after their service year, irrespective of their discipline, intelligence, connections and number of places they had submitted their CVs.

I served with a private ICT firm in Abuja and initially prayed to be retained as staff after service but by June 2015, all dreams of being retained by my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) were trashed because they offered – a good offer in some terms because they were offering to convert and start paying me as staff in June before my POP in July but I turned it down due to some personal reasons. Their financial offer was fair enough for a start but I knew I didn’t want to continue working there… so I quit my NYSC work in June before the official POP in 2nd July, with no clear cut post-NYSC source of income. I just tabled my matter before God and told Him the kind of job I’d like.

Post-NYSC, I was barely unemployed for a month before I got my first offer… but between my offer in August last year and my first salary, I had to undergo some free Graduate Training programme, and do some months of free volunteer job before I received my first post-NYSC salary in January… Besides receiving my first post-NYSC salary this year, God has been good to me and my family from January till this moment hence I tag this post “Counting my Mid-Year Blessings”. This year, we’ve had some reasons to mourn and cry but God has also comforted and wiped our tears. Personally, this year more than ever, God has given me clearer vision on the paths to tow, divinely ordered my steps and connected me with destiny/vision helpers. To top it all, He continuously gives me a new song, and Grace and strength to trust Him through the darkest nights.

By this time last year, my vision was blurred and sketchy but today, the picture is clearer and brighter. By this time last year, I had no job and knew nothing of where my employment letter would come from, but today, barely a year after my NYSC, I am doing my dream job (Content Development, which is entirely different from what I studied in school), living in my desired city (Abuja) and earning my near dream pay for my first year post-NYSC job. There are a lot of things I can’t put in words yet but when I compare where I am now to where I used to be, I can’t help but count my blessings and thank God for the several delays I’ve experienced in life that have only recently started to make more sense to me. One of such delays is the extra academic year I spent in school (which later culminated in to 2 years cause by the time I was done with the extra year exam, ASUU embarked on a very long strike that further delayed my NYSC mobilization by another full year). I remember how I used to be so worried and depressed that I’d graduate as an improper fraction (5/4), lol, but today I look back and smile. (You can read about my delayed graduation from school here).

Sometimes we get depressed, anxious and frustrated when we experience delays in our lives forgetting that God is intentional with what happens to His Children. I strongly recommend Travis Greene’s “Intentional”, song link is at the end of this post 👇

I know the first half of the year may not have gone as well as you anticipated but just before you conclude you don’t have any blessings to count so far in the year, please take a moment to ponder on how much you can still achieve if you were not alive to see July.. get my drift?

A lot of affluent, influential, intelligent, religious and possibly more prayerful persons have died in the first half of this year but here we are – ALIVE. Life is always the first blessing I tick off my Blessing checklist, closely followed by Salvation for it’s only in Christ I enjoy abundant life (John 10:10b). I’m sure if you take some more moments, you will come up with more than 5 blessings received in the first half of this year (Psalm 103, will be a great guide/help).

I choose to count my blessings every now and then because:

  • “Ekene Dike na nke omere, omekwa ozo” (when we thank God for what He has done, He is gingered to do more = ChinyereDistinguished’s translation).
  • To encourage and remind you that there is no secret about what God can do. What he did for one, He will gladly do for another (Romans 2:11), to give us all an EXPECTED end (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • To reiterate that God’s delays are not denials.
  • More importantly, I can’t deny God’s overwhelming Faithfulness. And I won’t tire of counting my blessings until God tires of blessing me!

And finally, this is my official way of welcoming you to the beautiful month of July!


Happy New Month Lovelies! It’s such a Blessing to have you alive with me in the 2nd half of 2016. Keep the Faith, stay grateful and positive. 2016 will surely end in Praise.

Much Love,


PS: For your listening/viewing delight – Intentional by Travis Greene click here



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18 Replies to “Counting My Mid-Year Blessings”

  1. Bless God for your testimony sis!
    This really blessed me. Indeed, we have SO much to be thankful for. We can’t even count our blessings when we think about it well.

    May God continue to lift you. This is only the beginning boo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah! When I count my blessings and name them one by one,its amazing what the Lord has done.
    I celebrate and rejoice with you.


  3. Awww…such a grateful heart! You are beautiful!! I’m happy for you. You made me remember this song “Count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done, count your blessings, name them one by one. And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.’

    To be honest, I never gave much thought to this song till today as I sang and typed after reading your post. Yes, God loves a grateful heart. Someone once said that give an ungrateful man the whole world and he will not be grateful, but give a grateful man the tiniest of things and he will keep thanking you. The difference is the heart that chose to give thanks. You’re one of my blessings in terms of friendships. Though miles away, you’ve never stopped reaching out to me and loving me as one. And for this I say thank you. I love you Chinyere. May you have many more reasons to be grateful. May all that is yours bloom, glow and shine. May your heart be fertile always for the word of God and may you continually prosper in all that you do.
    Much love. xo!

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    1. Oh my Glow! I’m just speechless after reading your comment!
      Amen! Amen! And Amen! To all your prayers.

      Having you as my friend is a Blessing I never overlook to count. Your friendship has blessed my life in several ways – your friendship has challenged and improved my personal relationship with God. And your friendship has taught me that love makes excuses for her friends without counting wrongs. I love you too Itunu, always. Xo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You jus blessed me with this piece!!!! God has indeed been faithful and I choose to continue thanking him for his numerous blessings!!!!

    By the way one of my blessings in the first half of this year is getting to know someone with such a beautiful soul as YOU. Keep shining dearie the sky is just your starting point…..

    Liked by 1 person

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