Balancing Parenting And Your Career

Abioye Oke

As sequel to last week’s e-Boost on DEAR PARENTS, today we’ll be looking at how parents can strike a balance between their careers and parenting. But just before that, I want to shout a ‘Happy Fathers Day’ to all Awesome and Amazing dads like my dad. (Please don’t be jealous, my dad is the best dad in the whole wide world #tongueout, hehe).

Still in the spirit of Fathers Day celebration and last week’s e-Boost, an amazing 21st Century dad shares with us how he balances parenting with his career and other businesses. Please seat back, read, learn and share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Balancing The Homefront and Your Career – Abioye Oke

Creating a work-life balance has been one of the greatest concerns of an average workplace professional. Most 21st Century homes now suffer from what I call “Career Home Intrusion”. That is, the happiness ratio in certain homes are on a very low ebb because either of the couple does not have time for some very important family responsibility, event or engagement.

Most organizations are primarily concerned about their organizational bottom-line to the detriment of their staff personal and family-life, especially when pressure from Shareholders gets tough. The question now is – how can I grow my career and still have quality time for my dear family? The steps below have helped me in striking a family-career balance in my home. I hope you find them helpful too:

  1. Have a Family Altar – Beyond the cliché that a family that prays together stays together, having a dedicated devotion time where you and your family fellowship with your maker helps in family bonding. You can either choose some time in the morning before you leave for work or later in the evening after the day’s work, or both – depending on what works best for you and your spouse. You can also choose to have longer devotion time during the weekends so as to have other interactions with your kids after devotion.
  2. Carry your Spouse Along: Learn to declare your official schedules to your spouse. This helps in expectation management. It also helps you both plan and work around each other’s work schedules without letting the home front suffer.
  3. Compartmentalize: Compartmentalizing means you have got to create a synergy between your office and home work-space. For instance, if you have an important work load that can keep you in the office till 10.00pm and your boss will only ask for a report by 8.00am the next day, and you desire to spend some time with your family before bed time. You can then decide to close by 6.00pm, spend 7.00pm to 8.00/9.00pm with your family; get to your well-equipped study and work on your official tasks between 9.00pm and 11pm. And catch some sleep hopefully till 5.00am.
  4. Leverage on Technology: Sometimes you travel on official trips and your family – wife and kids don’t see you for days, weeks, and sometimes months. You can invest in a WiFi enabled Television that allows you to Skype with your family while you are away. This helps foster family bonding and communication even while you are out of town.
  5. Show Competence and Share Your Family’s Vital Dates with your Line Manager: Now this is very important. Sometimes, our Line Managers or CEOs could be very insensitive to our family needs. Once you are very competent and you deliver your tasks professionally, you could leverage your competence to get more time off work, or close early.
  6. Have a Plan B Income that does not require your physical presence: This is where most workplace professionals fail. They depend too much on salaries and have no idea on how to improve their cash flow.  You need money to achieve most of your plans hence you need a Plan B Business that can grow without your physical presence and I recommend you learn how Network Marketing really works.
  7. Have an Early Retirement Plan: Ask yourself, “at what age will I win the game of money?”. Then think, strategise and come up with a retirement plan. Don’t spend all your active life working for salary. Start setting up multiple income systems and set a resignation time-line for yourself. This will enable you do other things that give you more time for family happiness.

Balancing the Home-front and Career is a very complicated topic as there are no straight jacket solutions as individuals typically have unique situations. But the above tips if well reflected upon could go a long way in helping us create that balance we desire.

I do hope you have learnt a thing or more from Abioye Oke’s tips on how he balances his home front and career. Please don’t hesitate to share your comments and opinions in the comment box.

Abioye Oke, an International Business Consultant, Life Coach and Public Speaker is the CEO of Hub D’Affaires Consult Ltd (Business Development Hub). He had previously served at the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) as a Training Administrator; and he was one of the founding staff of Learning Impact NG where he served as the Head of the Business Development Unit (2010 – 2012).

Abioye is also a successful Network Marketing Professional with over 5000 Entrepreneurs in his Organization. And he falls in my list of 21st Century Amazing dads! He goes the extra mile to empower youths and SMEs with his Motivational teachings, Networking skills and proven business strategies.

As part of his support for the blog, Abioye has decided to share his much sought after Daily Reflections with our e-Family. So starting from tomorrow, June 21 2016, the Daily Reflections with Abioye will hit your inbox if you’re subscribed to the blog (please subscribe already if you haven’t done so yet), no more ‘dull moments’ here, lol.

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13 Replies to “Balancing Parenting And Your Career”

  1. This is is a very helpful tips towards balancing our home fronts and careers while pursing end – meets that tends to make parents neglects their parental responsibilities and ultimately lose their families;I like that you acknowledges that each home fronts is unique – having different situations,I could not agreed more….

    It thus means that each family is duty – bound to find out what works for them at balancing the home front with career, in the light of the nature of the career/ work and time available to the couples – some jobs mostly entails night hours,some mornings,or a mixture of both via shift,some come with frequent travelling….

    However,I see that beyond these helpful tips and whatever the nature of the career/ work may be,working it out will only require couples/ parents who are both willing to cooperate,or reach compromise,or even sacrifice to practise this tips; I mean you may have a situation where one parents is more on ground than the other – usually the woman;for instance one works at TV/ radio house,while the other is a civil servant,and both are often not available at the same amount of time,but they will both eventually work it out/make out agreeable specific time, depending on if they both have it as a common desire/ goal;they can even make it a prayer vision in order to secure the kind of job that favours the goal.

    I have seen people who placed it before God as a yardstick while in search of jobs or building their careers -that it should be such that gives them time for parenting,and they even deliberately framed their business ventures that way – like Mr Abeoye’s case whose example you used here ; and God finds it easy to help out because the duty of parenting takes place in the family,and family is His institution for raising godly seeds…..

    Thanks and keep thriving.


    1. I love this: “…depending on if they both have it as a common desire/ goal; they can even make it a prayer vision in order to secure the kind of job that favors the goal. I have seen people who placed it before God as a yardstick while in search of jobs or building their careers – that it should be such that gives them time for parenting,and they even deliberately framed their business ventures that way.” I wouldn’t have said it better.

      Thanks FrankPeace, I enjoy reading your comments cause you always throw more light to the topic in discourse. Keep thriving too dear.

      Liked by 1 person

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