Making The Most Of Your NYSC Year



Okay, just before you conclude this post is strictly for NYSC corps members, please seat back, fasten your seat belts and read to the end #widegrin.

The NYSC service year is a scheme some people feel should be scrapped… and I was undecided about its relevance until I was mobilized to serve my fatherland in August 2014. My Service year opened my eyes to the truth that having a degree in a course is not equivalent to having the needed skill in that course. Even, head knowledge in the given course does not equal application knowledge in that field. (This is what inspired the e-Boost on Sought After: What Is Your Market Value? (Click here if you missed it).

Agreed, the ideal concept behind the NYSC programme is not the reality when most graduates are mobilized and deployed to various parts of the country for service to our fatherland. Even though some corps members have been deployed to States/communities that ended up jeopardizing their lives and safety, we cannot deny that the NYSC scheme has added some profound benefits to the serving individuals, host communities and the nation at large.

NYSC year has over time proven to be a remarkable turning point, positively or negatively, for most graduates. Apart from testimonies of those who met their spouses during the service year, a lot of graduates have also discovered their true passion and purpose during the service year just by connecting and rubbing minds with other graduates of similar/different fields from various other higher institutions within and outside the country. The NYSC year also offers various platforms for graduates to acquire other professional skills outside their field of study at very reduced costs, moi inclusive. (During my service year, I was able to take a course in Project Management Professional (PMP) and Health Safety and Environment (HSE) 1 & 2 at very reduced costs).

The service year also propelled/challenged me to be more and inspire other to do same. One of the things I did asides my self-development courses was to give pep talks on “Maximizing your Potentials” and “Sought After: Stand Out From The Crowd” for the Youths in my church. I also participated in general CDS projects organized by my CDS   group (MDGs), to impact positively on our host community.

The NYSC year though brief, can leave negative indelible mark(s) in the life of an individual if wisdom is not applied. It’s unfortunate that a lot of graduates do not have any goals/plans to improve/develop themselves during their service year. For most, their primary and secondary goals for the ‘service year’ are to: (a) wear khaki (b) take pictures (c) make as many girlfriends/boyfriends as possible and (d) collect monthly alawi. Such a waste of irretrievable time!

I know some currently serving and intending corps members have heard or are hearing a lot of stories about the service year but I can assure you that your service year to a large extent is what you make of it. And to make it even better, my friend Frances Okoro just launched a book to help any serving or intending corps member make the most of his/her service year. If you are serving or intend to serve anytime soon or later, this book is for you!


Just read it and thank me later because you’ll learn, you’ll be impacted and more importantly, you will be impacted to impact others also.

Here is an excerpt from the book’s Introduction:

Few youths actually understand what an incredibly amazing year Nigerian Youth Service Corp (NYSC) affords them. The NYSC year is usually one of a cross road into destiny or into a ditch. “Make it or break it”, is the language of this one year basically.”

But a lot of youths do not understand this fact and so they go along with the crowd singing the general chorus of “NYSC should be scrapped! Service to our nation is terrible…” They sing this chorus without stopping to consider what this year could mean for their lives. And so I have seen ladies tumble between the sheets with the wrong guys… And I have seen guys passionately focused on just booze and football matches during NYSC.

I too was faced with the temptation of just having a boyfriend and going along with the crowd, but I believed that my life meant more than just going along with the general consensus.

I stuck with the right decision no matter what anyone had to say about it. Despite the terrible news that abounded, I set my mind on the fact that mine will be a worthwhile year and with a personal business in the bag, seminars held in schools, young secondary school students mentored by me, two books released during the year with a successful book launch, a recommendation letter from my NYSC State coordinator along with some personal savings to boot… I would say that my NYSC year was a worthwhile year indeed.

Hence, I wrote “Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year” for one chief purpose… that the mistakes of the past shall not be repeated in the lives of every youth who reads this book.

Frances Okoro

Author, Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year

And here are some reviews about the book. I hope this spurs you to get a copy for yourself or someone else.

“I no longer want NYSC to be scrapped. ‘Making a difference with your NYSC Year’ by Frances Okoro has helped reshape my mind towards NYSC. I even now find myself praying into my own experience which is still one year from now. I am utterly sure that reading this book will do the same for every youth who opens their mind to the lessons shared by Frances. Not only did she share her experiences, she beautifully put in business ideas in this book! Who does that?

So, now, I have business ideas even before I start my NYSC year. Need ideas on projects and businesses to embark on during your NYSC year? Purchase this book and thank me later! Or thank me now, whichever way is fine!”

-Bolaji Olorisade

Grace Ochie has read this book twice and gave two different reviews, hehe

 1. In this book you’ll delve into different areas on how to make a difference during your NYSC Year.

The book is split into five chapters. And the very first chapter is an attack on the general mind set of young people that NYSC is a waste of time and abilities. Young people are advised to revamp their mind, lay aside every negativity and self-limiting thoughts and forge ahead to make a difference that would impact the rest of their lives positively.

The second chapter lays out steps to making a difference in the lives of others. It speaks briefly on how to discover purpose, and how it is paramount to meeting the needs of others. This chapter is rich because not only does it tie purpose to the Community Development Service (CDS) which every NYSC corps member must be a part of, it also lays out steps on how to carry out Personal CDS, from sponsorship to getting approval and also preparing report. The author (bless her heart!) was so kind to provide draft of various letters she used during her time.

2. This book is the snap that is needed to awaken every young person going into, or already in the NYSC program, to live one year of purpose for God, the communities and themselves.

By the time you are done with this book, you will be a corps member that has an entrepreneurial outlook, adding value to yourself and others. I have read this book twice already and it has blessed me.

It geared me up and gave me passion for my personal CDS, which I am currently running. I recommend that you give it to your child, aunt, uncle, brother, friend, anyone who is a corper and watch that life become transformed.

-Grace Oche

Lawyer and Christian blogger


“I found it very honest and practical. That’s the main thing for me.

Emphasizing on God and also suggesting small businesses. The talk about finances, breaking it down into bits and percentages was a really good one.

As I said, it’s very very practical. Really good work”


Lawyer and writer.


Need I say more on why you need to get this book? As a bonus, I’ll give a free copy of this book to the first (1st) corps member to comment on this post.

You can get your digital download in less than 5 minutes Here

Or purchase the Epub version on Amazon Kindle Here

You can also buy straight from Okadabooks

The books are also stocked in Lagos at 3 Keystone Bank Crescent, Off Adeyemo Alakija Street, Lagos.

Ibadan is also covered in stock of hard copies.

Frances and I (Close-up advert, heheh)

You can also call Frances on 07035539092 for details on how to get your bulk purchases/any other info.

I believe you will be adding your review to this once you get your copy of this amazing book.

Please don’t hold back from blessing your life or the life of someone else with this book.

Much Love,





13 Replies to “Making The Most Of Your NYSC Year”

  1. Nice post
    It’s like I would have to read that book because I feel the whole aim of the NYSC has been defeated. Guess I need a rethink then.


    1. Yes Gidee, you need to read the book and it will give you a renewed mindset on the whole NYSC deal.

      And Congratulations! You just won yourself a free copy of the book “Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year”

      Please let me know if you’d prefer an e-copy or a hard-copy of the book.


  2. Awwwwwww… found myself smiling all the way and the smiles turned into laughter when i saw the picture captioned “close up advert”… oh dear, if I didn’t writethis book, with all this, I sure will buy it!

    Thankssssss sp much dear.

    And I can comment because I am using my lappy. My phone usually cant comment on blogs. Dont know why ohh.

    I lovvvve whats happening on here… The little push in November 2015 is now THIS!!!
    Greater heights dear..

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