I Will Always Have Girlfriends


Hey Hi,

So sorry I went AWOL this week and couldn’t post any updates. A lot of things contributed to that but that’s a story for another day. Here’s an apology post from me to fulfill my promise to update you on how my April 9 TWTW outing went and of course to put a weekend smile on ya face. Please seat back and enjoy!

Well, AmakaMedia, one of my girlfriends from TWTW,  beat me to a post about The Meet so I’ll just share the link so we can all read the post from her blog. Sharing is one of the key things we do at The Well – we share God’s word, we share God’s love, we share God’s Grace on our lives.

And we’re not ‘spiricoco’ all the time… we pray, we play, we share, we laugh, we smile, we eat, we jump, we etc… hehehehe.


Just click to read the full gist and why I Will Always Have Girlfriends.

PS: The Monday e-Boost and CEO Memoirs will come up on Monday and Wednesday respectively.

Have a swell weekend darlings

Much love



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