#TGIF, Random Musings


It’s another Friday, my favorite day of the week. More importantly, it is the last Friday of the month. It seems like it was just yesterday that I screamed Whoops! It’s February Already! And now we’re more than a quarter to March, whew!! For those who felt January was a drag, I hope the year has picked up speed now? Hehe.

Don’t really have a lot to talk about today, just some random muses and sober reflections. Just like banks do EOD, EOW, EOM and EOY balancing of accounts, to evaluate what they’ve done for the day, week, month or year respectively, I think we humans should do same, to evaluate how we’ve spent our time per day, week, month or year.

I went to bed last night with a couple of mixed feelings, thinking about the dreams for the month that haven’t come true but on second thoughts, I cautioned myself and became grateful to be alive to even think or complain about unachieved goals. Most times as humans, we forget to count our blessings. We let ourselves get caught up in regrets, complaint, ingratitude, comparison and unhealthy competitions with others. We forget that where we are, what we have, where we live, the clothes we wear, etc., is another person’s desire and prayer point. So this month end and always, I’ll make a conscious effort to count my blessings.

A lot of things may not have come true yet like I anticipated but I’m grateful for the things I didn’t anticipate that God graciously brought my way. I’m grateful for the answered prayers that are yet to manifest in the physical and I’m super grateful for the prayers He may never answer cos He has something better in their stead for me.

I have Preye’s ‘Ebezina’ on repeat as I endure another evening bus ride home in traffic. #TGIF

Wishing y’all a great and fulfilled weekend; as always, don’t do anything God won’t be happy with.

Till next time on our ‘Frankly Speaking, Random Topics’ series, I love you all.


PS: Dear Uncle Black, I know losing your sister last Saturday is a huge blow to you and your family, and no words will be enough to comfort or replace your loss. Like most deaths, it’s sad when we pile up the ‘what ifs’ and work out some scenarios in which our loved ones could have been saved from the cold hands of death… It’s really sad, but like you said yesterday, there are limited options of what we can do when death happens.  Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I join my faith with yours and pray Aunt Chinelo is free from the pains and agonies she went through before passing on. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

Jara+: Click here for your listening pleasure.

Ebezina by Preye


2 Replies to “#TGIF, Random Musings”

  1. Thanks a lot Cici,

    I am greatly comforted by God’s word. Knowing what we know about death makes a whole lot of difference. But that doesn’t blot out the pain and the questions. The human part still grieves though we know it’s inevitable and the bell could toll for anyone at any moment.

    I keep getting reminded of different scriptures at different times and I find strength when I need it. I also know the Lord is taking care of other members of the family. I’ll never really stop missing her, but I know I won’t continue grieving for her. She led a good, though hard, life and brought smiles to so many. I’ll remember her good deeds and smile that she has lived. The memory I’ll keep is of her gentle heart; her industry; her soft-spoken reasonableness. She did live and I praise God.

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    1. Indeed, Knowing what we know about death makes a whole lot of difference. But that doesn’t blot out the pain and the questions.. I share in your grief uncle and i’ll continue to hold you up in my prayers. I’m happy the Holy Spirit is already comforting you through His word. Once again, please accept my heartfelt condolences


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