So sorry this post is coming in late, I had some internet issues, please bear with me…
Like most people, I look forward to Fridays, and like most people, I don’t know the history or origin of the phrase; I just love the TGIF chorus. And if for any reason you don’t know what TGIF is *frownsface* … well, i’ll just tell you.
T – Thank
G – God/goodness
I – It’s
F – Friday
Yeah, that’s what TGIF stands for.

I love Fridays specially cos it’s the beginning of the weekend. It’s a day I don’t have to dress up so much for work, it’s a day I can afford to dress down a bit and get away with it, it’s a day I smile broadly once I remember I won’t have to dress up for work the next day.

I didn’t comprehend the whole fuss about Fridays back in school, infact the #TGIF didn’t make much sense back then cos my lecturers just had a way of converting Saturdays into another school day – they’d either fix a lecture, test or exam to ensure we didn’t have that TGIF groove or whatever. They practically took over our Saturdays and public holidays, i’m sure the (Super) Lions and Lionesses will bear me witness, lol.

Now i’m working, TGIF makes more sense to me. It’s Friday means I can afford to sleep late at night; it’s Friday means I can spend more time in my midnight prayers and not worry about waking up late; it’s Friday means I can sleep in on Saturday mornings and not have to wake up by 5am; it’s Friday means I don’t have to set my alarm or leave my bed when my internal alarm rings the next day.
I know we should thank God specially for each new day but I still say resounding #TGIF every Friday and I’ve added the #TGIS (Thank God It’s Saturday) to my hash tags cos it’s officially my sleep in day, lol.

And for those that have to work Saturdays and Sundays too, pele. I know that feeling cos i’ve been there before… I don’t like working at the office during the weekends but what can we do? When duty calls, we work. I’ve had that kinda job before and will probably still have something similar in the near future.
In the meantime, i’ll just sip my bottle of water and enjoy the bus ride home. #TGIF.

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Thank you for reading today’s post.
Wishing y’all a Fulfilled and Fun-filled weekend, (but don’t do anything that God won’t approve of!)

Love you


14 Replies to “TGIF”

  1. TGIF meaning “Thank God For Friday”humm…. interesting;I have been hearing that phrase,but never for once related it to TGIF as its synonym until now;much thank to you for this educative post…

    For many, Fridays like you rightly highlighted by your experience, represents less officious day and is commonly treated as such- casual ; but it also means many things for many people -while some are always happy and excited that the weekend is near or has just began in order for them to start grooving;for others , it is time to switch from routine business/office activities to concentrate in other area of interests or callings,eg religious commitment,dating,or other social engagements including partying and clubbing .

    In all of these,one basic thing is central, and that is that weekend changes our respective schedules as well as the way things are done;the common characteristics is dominated with fun filled more relaxed activities and leisure ; it may not be same for all as their routine job schedule holds depending on the nature of their Job such as drivers and factory workers,but weekends certainly allow many to enjoy the liberty of planing and executing their own activities in pursuit of personal goal.

    For me, weekend (s) is also a period when ‘am at liberty to largely determine how to regulate and use my time in the pursuit of calling,and calling is not necessarily your paid employment, even though it may correspond with it for some.It provides me more sleeping time as well as time to improvise,refresh and recreate to the extent that other commitments allow except where special duty calls…..I therefore can say “Thank God For Friday” but given the mad traffic situation in Lagos State that usually becomes madder on Friday,I will rather join you to say “Thank God For Saturday”(TGFS) instead of Friday …LoI

    Thanks as usual dear….


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